Power Creep Really Means SGG Needs to Loosen up on Ascension Mat Rarity and Troop Leveling

I’ve seen a number of topics talking about 4* mats and I think that they have become a really bad chokepoint that is going to deter both long time players and new players.

There’s no denying this game has moved into the power creep phase that basically every gacha game with RPG-lite elements does sooner or later.

We’ve got emblems and limit breaks, and costumes are starting to creep beyond TC20 heroes. That’s three systems on top of just leveling and ascending, and troop leveling. With three out of five of the limit break events already appearing once, I’m sure higher-tier players who have gotten lucky with some drops have already begun limit breaking 5* heroes.

That’s 6 systems that boost your stats and two of them don’t even unlock until a hero hits max level.
Getting there with any hero of value though…on the one hand, I can’t complain too much personally. I have 14 5* heroes in their last ascension tier, but I’m hitting a wall on any more due to the large number of 4* mats needed to get there, and the fact that overall the game seems to treat them almost like 5* as far as rarity goes when you add in the fact of how many you need.

This also means I can’t afford to use any on good 4* heroes to fill in any gaps because that just pushes out further the time until I can ascend my 5*s.

I would really like to see at least the number of 4* items to ascend decreased, if not the drop rate improved. And 4* troops take eons to level to anything useful. I would like to see the XP requirements lowered.

Like I said, I’m in a pretty good position personally, but I’m frustrated that I can’t keep pushing forward how I want to; that’s a lot of the fun of games like this. I can see a lot of people at my tier and above getting bored, and I can’t imagine a new player coming into the game now and realizing it’s going to be at least a couple years (or thousands of $) to reach the newer systems, let alone become competitive in any way.


SG has made it pretty clear they are not going to deviate from their vision of game economy


You’ve been here a long time!
Happy belated forum birthday.

I went looking because you didn’t sound run of the mill. I liked your post, it was well thought-out. And I would like to read your thoughts some more! I hope you keep sharing.

I especially liked the bit about realizations of new players!!

Honestly… I can’t envision how the possibility of a more accessible 4* mat would upset this game’s ecosystem.

So what if someone who has 90+ fully leveled 5* heroes suddenly is able to have 120+. That would make no difference. To the contrary… those folks are making out regardless.

Whereas most everyone else has a common choke point… the mats.

The only hang-up is the long term players that have 20+ rings and no Red 5* to give them too.


Reduced 4* mat requirements or an improved 4* mat drop rate? And reduced EXP requirements to level troops? :face_with_monocle:

The OP can try but it’ll never happen.


I am part of that hang up.


Even though I have plenty of mats, I just can’t max Reuben. I’m so glad to have Vanda. :heart_eyes:


I know others like you.
And am partially jealous :joy:


What can’t you achieve now that you could if everyone had more mats? What can’t you push forward towards?


I am literally laughing out loud over this. Thank you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I don’t know if it just me but everytime I use Ruben in my red mono A team in minions war I always win . But Never use I’m for anything els lol. Did take me a while to level him tho

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I’m glad you’ve found a use for your Reuben. :+1:

Back on topic, I think the OP’s suggestion would not work for the long term f2p/vc2p like me. Having written that, I still think it is good to have these kind of discussions. :slightly_smiling_face:


More more more… I want more more more… :musical_note:

I don’t need more, I just want to rebalance the quantity without paying gems. What is the need for 30 tonics when I rarely get good green 5* but get abundance of good blue 5* instead…


Are you 2 trying to make her jealous flexing your inventory :joy:


Mainly I want to diversify my team options so I can have usable backups for fights I want to use more than one or two of a color for, whether that’s for damage, to avoid reflect damage in events, and to be able to vary healing options by color.

My main point is, the end game is no longer ascending and leveling. It’s troops and limit breaks and emblems, with a lesser emphasis on costumes depending on your roster. I see no reason to hold back this hard from actually reaching endgame, and troop leveling has always been atrocious.


For me it’s 19 tonics but only purple non-S1, non-dupe 5* :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Limit break is also ascending and levelling.


@SamMe …. I am at a bottleneck with my 5* only …. I desperately need some of those Damascus Blades lol


I think the also the current pace of releasing new heroes require it to increase the drop rate of 4* AMs. Last year I spent quite a bit, got pretty lucky as well and summoned quite a few good heroes… And still it seems like there are better versions of them being released before I even get to max them.


I have to disagree, I have no problem with 4* materials. 5* can be a little bit of a pain if you level several of the same element (got jade so now need two more tonics). It does take time. Lots of time but. I remember getting two Fridas in one month as a fairly new player and not even being able to earn the ascension materials. I couldn’t beat those last levels of Frostmarch. It was frustrating but, I persevered. I leveled, I farmed, I built my base and one day I had a fully leveled 5* hero. It is an accomplishment. I now have 24 fully leveled heroes with over half fully emblemed. My mother used to have a saying that “Nothing that was ever really worth having ever came easy”!. I think that applies here.

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If I had something to complain about it would probably be raid tournament restrictions

To me tve rarety of 4* mats is the main balancing factor of this game. @yelnats_24 and me agreed, that annactive player can expect to get some 100 a year. Thats sufficient for 8-10 heroes. If they drop 4* mats like candy we would see more defenses made of five slayers or five ninjas or anything new and shiny. This would make medium level spenders more competitive but would squeeze out the f2p or vc2p/ c2p players. If this happens, they will loose half the player base and it will be very hard to for the remaining players to reach top 1% in tournaments or find an active alliance while growing. It will be the end of this game like we know it, and I doubt it would survive for long.
Hopefully they wont change the drop rates and wont sell limit breakers soon…

Happy gaming


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