Power Creep has destroyed the "game"

I routinely see raid teams 300 or more tp higher than mine now thanks to power creep and pay to win game system.

Today I faced a team with 3 limit break heroes all at 85. Clearly a p2w player.

War is now a joke with alliances exploiting a gimic with a couple low tp teams so they can bring a bunch of 4900-5000 tp teams yet their alliance average tp drops low enough for them to draw far weaker opponents. Just happend to my alliance today. Totally bogus match-up and a waste of our time.

This “game” makes it clear they only care about big spenders. Everyone else gets bent over a table.

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Unless they would be 3 lv85 heroes of the same element it’s pretty normal to see them even without the need to be a whale.

If a gimmick does exist do a favour to everyone and write about it on #bugs-issues, if it’s something that can be a problem it’ll be fixed.


Sounds like the OP doesn’t understand how raid or war matchmaking works.


Or how this “game” works at all.

300 TP difference is a big deal…? The average differential for my teams vs defensive teams has been 400-600 for the last 2 years. It is absolutely normal to go into a matchup with much lower TP. Facing the same TP team should be almost an instant win for you.


I’m f2p. My defense has three limit broken heroes at 85.

I’ve never considered this a benefit, but merely a bad attempt by poor alliances.


And im p2p and i have 1 lb in my defense


My offensive team is 4.4k+ -4.5k+ depends on opponent team and raid those 5k+ defense all the way. It’s just some number lol. I broke some for defense too (my defense is 4.9k+) but neh mostly don’t use them in raid.

In 3* Tournament my offense team is in 2.4k+ (yes I choose not to emblem or break any 3* and not working on 2* troop, as focusing on my war teams) and start facing 3k -3.1k TP on defense on third day of tournament, I’m currently stay good in top 1%, again just some number. Find the way to work around with what you have is better than complaining imo.

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Blasphemy! How dare you not limit brake the rest of your heroes for which you have “bought” all of those aethers?!!

I am slightly guilty as charged, I have bought one deal which included aethers. I really wanted the gems so I could try to summon myself an eveil tree :confused:

But yeah I use aethers a lot more on my offensive teams, particularly focusing on my 4s first, 3s second and 5*s last


It’s called sandbagging and is as old as EnP.

Not a reliable or solid strategy since war matchmaking takes into account every opted in player’s bench of heroes not the ones they put on war defense and the total value for the whole alliance is the same (so if a few players are worth fewer points, the rest are worth comparatively more).


I suggest you search and read how an Elo system works. War matchmaking is not based over team power, so the effect of having a few weak teams in the field is different from what you describe.

We’ve never lost to a team sandbagging. It’s just a pretty bad strategy as it gives the higher targets more points and we ignore the little ones until we are into flips. I don’t think it’s got anything to do with matchmaking though as the war score goes from the strongest heroes in your roster, not your defences. I mean it will lower the warscore from losing but I don’t think that’s the reason they do it :laughing:

And hitting teams 3-400 TP higher is just standard stuff. I’m an unapologetic Mono player and my very very strongest Mono is now about 4800. My lowest is 4200. I beat 5000 TP defences with any of my teams day in and day out


I’d argue that the real problem isn’t sheer TP, it’s which heroes you’re facing. (Also, of course, troop types, e.g. if you don’t have the luxury of max mana troops.)

A dedicated F2P player may be able to bring several max-level, max-emblem, LB heroes to bear against top defenses, but if those heroes are, say, mainly S1 heroes against the canonical Morel-Frigg-Elizabeth-Hannah-Odin combo (or some variant thereof), the odds are most assuredly not in your favor.


I hope you pulled that Treevil be a he is absolutely ridiculous in rush. I hate it and will purposely avoid 3* rush when holly isn’t allowed from now on lol

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I often face opponents 5-600 higher TP (not that TP is a great indicator of team strength), and have been for almost three years. I am at around 3/4 success rate against teams 300 higher. Somewhat less against the 5-600 crowd :rofl:

The power creep has been in the game as long as I’ve been playing – almost 4 years now. Being f2p I am always at the tail end of the creep.

Working my way up having started the game back in March of 2020, I routinely raided against teams of 700-1500 TP more then myself, because I was trying to get to Diamond and stay at Diamond for various reasons.

A team only 300 higher than mine might as well be exactly the same TP at this point.

Further, I have spent ZERO to LB my heroes and level them up. With the monthly Aether quest I haven’t seen a need to spend money on Aethers.

the pace of power creep in the game is a problem. this is not an example of it. i’ve been raiding at about a 600 TP deficit since at least Platinum if not Gold. my standard teams range from about 4100-4400. i routinely win against 4800+ teams, and i’m one of the players in my alliance counted on to hit the toughest targets in war. TP is a terrible indicator of, well, team power.

if you had said this 6 months ago or so, i might have agreed. that team setup is becoming more standard every week, including defenses with all 5 heroes limit broken and +100 emblems.

war has always been a joke. the war chest is nowhere near commensurate with the effort required to unlock it.

this sounds like it’s conflating two different problems, but in any case, it demonstrates a lack of understanding of how war matchmaking works.

Agree, 300 TP difference is wonderful. I’ve faced teams of 600-900 TP above than my TP.

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Why is game in quotes? Is it the concept of the game, or some approximation of it, that is being destroyed rather than the actual game itself?

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I never even look at team power when raiding or warring. TP means nothing. It’s all about how you assemble your team to counter or prevent their punches.
Now, I agree with you that power creep (or rather the speed of power creep recently) is hurting this game. It’s too fast. You provided zero legitimate examples to support that in this post though.
Also, I have not bought any aether offers and have enough to do more than one 5* of each color. I get them from tourney wins and war wins mostly. Heck, just got a 5* nature this morning from the war win! So seeing a full team of LB 5* heroes is expected.


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