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Hello @Petri
I just played 5 battles in the tournament and none didn’t count for Path of Valor!! I had 12 battles which I m not sure you counted right so far since I m seeing that you aren’t counting correctly!! Dont play with people money we spend money to do this path of Valor for 2 shot items and you dont count our battles in tournaments!! I m the leader of the top 40 alliance in the game Big Trouble Little China and We didn’t skip any titan since this Path or Valor came our!! None of my members didn’t leave the alliance they are here for 100-80 days!! How do you explain that you count 8 titans for some of us and 9 titans for others???for some 1 titan didn’t count for like half of the alliances people are seems to be ripped of by you!!! You have me banned unmuted on the global chat for months making difficult to recruit for my alliance I ask you always to came with a solution for this banning for life is not cool even a death inmate can be conditionally freed!! For your knowledge any leader of a big alliance is exposed!!! WE KICK THOSE THAT ARE RUDE!!! AREN’T ACTIVE !! THAT BULLY ORHERS!!! WE TRY TO KEEP ALLIANCES ALIVE!!! SO WHEN YOU GO TO RECRUIT THEY REPORT YOU BECAUSE THEY ARE UPSET THAT YOU KICK THEM IN TIME MANY OF THIS FRUSTRATED PEOPLE ARE REPORTING YOU!!! That’s not fair the why that you think!!! YOU DONT PROTECT LEADERS THAT ARE DOING A GREAT JOB ORGANIZING PEOPLE!!! i m begging for other to recruit for my alliance to keep it on top because you banned me because I post a smile or an announcement and an ex member reported me!!! Think about it if you dont read this messages just to be read!!! And count my battles in the Path of Valor dont mess with my money Or I will charge back and sued your game! Tx

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Lot of rage in here lol, can ask your questions politely and respectfully and still get answers :slight_smile:

Personally never had any issues with the PoV “counting” my tournament battles. If you think there has been an issue, blasting off-topic on a community run forum isn’t the best way of getting it resolved… Best option is to politely query it with Support by #contact-support

The Titan PoV challenge is tied to the collection of loot. On the very first day of the challenge. If some members collected the loot BEFORE pov started, they will be 1 count behind. Nothing sinister lol

This may have been as a result of recruiting in GC. People don’t take kindly to recruiters & “spam” messages in there… Tend to go a little report happy and what not… If you have an issue with the ban, you can always try to appeal it with SGG support


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