POV Titan kill count discrepancy

Several members of an Alliance are off by 1 on their Titan II kill count. Some are at 2 while others are at 3.

Nobody has missed any titans.
Nobody left to do any mercing.
All have been in the alliance for quite some time.
The first titan was killed well after that initial weirdness of the challenges showing up, and that was for the daily ones only.

Will be submitting a ticket, wondering if anyone else has seen this.

Is it possible that some people only hit the first Titan before Path of Valor started?

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Not sure on that. I am one of the people who is short. Can’t recall when that first Titan died.

A hit on the Titan before/after POV started should not matter. When the Titan dies and you receive loot is when the counter goes up.

It probably shouldn’t…but I’m pretty sure it does.

This is only true if you hit it at least once — so it wouldn’t be surprising if hits before Path of Valor started don’t count.

i also have 1 more than some of my alli members. That’s because I came online after POV started and hadn’t collected the titan reward of the titan that got killed overnight. So on the first day of POV my titan count was 2.

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That’s a more likely scenario. I’ll have to see if our alliance Titan tracker can confirm the count as we have had 1 pass I believe.

However if this were the case, then that rules out the other option that it only counted if you attacked. Because for your first one you wouldn’t have attacked after POV started.

You get credited with the titan kill when you collect the loot. So some of your alliance will have collected the loot before POV started, but others will have logged in after the paths started and would’ve credited with the kill.

Or so I understand


Yeah I think that is how it works. Some players are probably not short a kill count, but some received an extra. That’s fine, just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a systemic problem that was going to create an ongoing shortage.

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