POV start date -- 5 days down from 12 days - now up to 7 days

POV start date:

What is the correct start date for POV? A member of our alliance saw “in 5 days” after this one ended. I read it is the first Monday of every other month.

According to the in-game timer, it will start this coming Monday (28th Sept, 2020).


Right after the previous POV ended I saw that in the game that the next POV will start 13 days later, but now it is updated.
So it looks like it will start on next Monday.

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Moving to general as not a bug and probably get more people chatting.

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This morning when the pov finished I see that the next pov starts in 12 days, now but says 5 days. Where we cand see the real information about this? O why nobody informed us? O maybe I sleep a lot this afternoon :smile:

someone else here noticed the same thing as me: the next value path would open in 12 days, it would start on the 5th of October until the 23rd of November, and now to my surprise when opening the value path I realized that it will open in 5 days !!! so I wonder: Is SG so desperate to make money that they can’t wait even a week?

The Change in Start Date now has the PoV in Empires and Puzzles lining up with the PoV start date in their other game (Puzzle Combat).

I don’t think it’s “desparation” so much as they have some kind of internal timeline where starting on the last Monday of a month is better than the first monday of the next month.

:man_shrugging: but who knows… Could have just been changed on a whim :stuck_out_tongue: But it is worth noting that this is now the third iteration of the Puzzle Combat Path of Valor & it had always been 7 days offset from the Empires PoV.


Besides alligning with Puzzle Combat’s PoV, another reason may indeed be financial. Not that they would earn more money, but when they earn that money. Moving it up would boost Zynga’s 3rd quarter earnings which ends on September 30. Although not sure how many of the PoV passes are sold in the first three days.


Until SG releases an official statement, all we have are purely speculations. At least we have 5 days to skip the titans. Since POV2, our alliance faced low-level titans when POV starts to accomplish titan POV challenge by skipping them a week before the POV commences. That way, we don’t use much titan flasks.


20 greedy reasons for this


Também vi marcado que eram cinco dias. Inclusive está lá, marcado ainda.

I also saw that it was five days. It is even there, still marked.

I also somehow prefer my 5 million USD delivered to me a week earlier than usual. First Monday of the month is waaay too late, can already miss my 3,000$ champagne celebration on 1st.

No but yea, players do enjoy shorter break from greeting villagers and grinding xp levels for random dupe heroes :rofl:


I like the way it’s been presented as a favour.

Just what I wanted, more pressure to log on daily, sooner.

No one asked for this.

Take a good hard look in the mirror SG, you are losing us. :neutral_face:

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Feel free to ignore it for a week then.

I’m not going to mind getting the rare ascension materials a week earlier personally.

It’s a marginal difference either way - for us or them. But if you’re seeing what you consider greed in EVERY action they do, then either go FTP or stop playing entirely.


@Guvnor If they want to keep it in line with puzzle combat that kinda makes sense. Easy to track. Guess will find out if it goes back to the normal time have to wait till the end of pov to find out. Is odd they didn’t mention why. I don’t see it as a cash grab myself some players will buy anyways some will probably wait too see if they complete it before hand.

I didn’t say anything about greed, you brought that into the conversation, not I.

I’m already FTP.


I think they just want to let players to buy POV pass earlier… :thinking:

Lol then dont participate. I on the other hand look forward to the rewards i can get.

You’re not getting it.

This one is right on top of the previous. Don’t you see that this is yet another blatant money grab? At what point do you stop being a sheep and stand up and say Enough is Enough…things have to change.

It’s not a matter of participate or not. It’s how downright abusive Zynga/SG has gotten with its gamer community.

This sentiment has been growing in the past months and gamers are leaving daily now.

Burry your head in the sand if you wish OR take a stand and try to fix it. Which do you choose?


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