POV post-level 50 chests

With the addition of the additional chests for POV for those who purchased a pass and the new 2nd level of passes, I would like to make a suggestion. First, thank you for adding the chests and ditching the avatars. With the less expensive pass, offer the basic chests that you currently get now for every 1000 pts over level 50. Fir people who purchase the more expensive POV pass, offer the bigger chest that you get at level 50 if you purchased either pass. While I certainly appreciate the extra chests regardless, if you’re going to spend more, you should expect to get more. This would also benefit SG by making it look better to purchase the more expensive pass. Any respectful thoughts certainly appreciated and sought!

I agree. Spending more to get more… more trash. One can only get good loot at the Mega Valor Chest. However, the regular Valor Chests only gave crap, or so they say. Read the comments made here: Valor Chests - Add your screenshot of what was in your valor chest here

My mega Valor chest was mega trash. I will not fall for that again…


Just dont spend and when they realize they get less $ they will improve everything!! Trust me on this


Mass nonspending is impossible to make :confused:

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Absolute trash chest…Only thing great about that offer is a gold frame… Simply ridiculous loot…slap in the face really…

Gold frame that only lasts during this POV…