POV not registering completed daily challenges

I completed underwater stages and minor healing potions on 12/28 and was not given credit.

are you certain that you USED MINOR healing potions? They are the ones you make in Level 1 of the forge? Look like this:

And the Underwater Map Stages must be completed and must hae that little “wavey” icon on them on the map stage. The earliest you can find them is Season 2 Map, Province 10 Stage 4.

I didn’t have any issues with either valor challenge.

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I am positive I completed both. The wavy lines and the minor healing potion in the test tube.

I did minor healing potion twice just to confirm.

There no 12/28

12/8 Inst underwater either

Think 12/28 is the date (as in the 28th of December)

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12/28 is December 28

My daily POV task is not registering. It was the “win a raid with at least three heroes of the same color” one, and I did it twice to be sure. But the challenge isn’t showing that it’s completed.

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