POV major issue

Please change the way that titans spawn, I’m in a small alliance 3
Members, but even if we kill the titan it won’t upgrade, so we can’t progress in path of valor…

For path of valor stop requiring certain titan levels and instead just make it killing titans period, thank you!


I understand this issue and it was a real problem with the first POV.

Since the 2nd POV there are so many points in excess, that you could skip a complete valor challenge and even single person alliances could finish if they are just showing normal activity.

On the other hand, if you increase the speed with which titan strength rises, it will cause a lot of frustration with “normal” alliances… (taking those who not kill 14* constantly as a “normal”). It will lead to way more titan passes, failed kills and so on reducing the general game play experience for many players.

I’ll give you a like for this, because I’m a supporter of underdogs and smaller alliances.

I also don’t like it when PoV includes “win X number of raids in diamond tier”… like seriously guys? Majority of my alliance can’t even get up to diamond tier, let alone beat any of the teams there.

Many on the forum of course will say that PoV was never meant to be easy or completable for everyone. Fair enough. But I think SG might be losing a bit of potential revenue, especially from newer players or those in smaller alliances, by setting the requirements so high…

Funny that those on the other side of this equation are complaining that it’s too easy.

I suppose if they wanted to please everyone, they’d have to introduce some sort of tiered version of PoV.


I have to agree with your thinking on this. My view is that POV should be kill ‘X’ number of Titans (excluding the star rating) and for that matter win ‘X’ number of raids (excluding the tier rating).
That puts every player / alliance on an even playing field.
Good luck with this suggestion


Honest question - should the ‘Path of Valor’ be able to be completed by everyone, or should it be a challenge requiring valor? Can’t be both…

And in a similar vane, if you argue the first - why not have 1-star titans drop the same loot as a 14-star? There’s a reason the challenges build, in my opinion.

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Requiring valor?

Valor - noun

  1. great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.

What does this have to do with how many players are in your alliance, or whether or not your roster is leveled up enough to compete in diamond tier?

I’m certainly not arguing that 1 star titans should drop the same loot as 14 star titans… titan loot alone is reward enough for those whose alliances are able to kill them.

Just as diamond tier chests are “supposed” to give better rewards than lower levels.

I understand there is a desire by many of you in the upper echelons of gameplay to have more “challenge”, but this is an event that was supposed to be designed for and “fed to” everyone. Not saying it should be completable by everyone, but…

“Valor” requires being able to stay up in diamond tier for extended periods of time?
“Valor” requires leaving a small alliance of friends to join a bigger alliance?

Neither one of those actions require courage in the face of danger. If your roster is strong enough to hang out in diamond, you’re rarely facing anyone that much stronger than yourself.

And it certainly doesn’t require “courage” to tell your fellow alliance mates, “sorry guys, I’m way better than you, I’m going to leave to go hang out with a bigger stronger alliance… seeya later, losers!”

If it’s supposed to be challenging content for top level players in big alliances only? Then please take it off of my screen. And take the Boblin Galloon away too while you’re at it.


The way I look at it, if killing a 2* titan requires an entire alliance to use all of their attacks to take it out and killing a 3* titan requires titan flasks then that battle was relatively just as hard fought as an alliance who uses flasks to finish off a 9* titan.

I think POV should be equally completable for anyone who purchases it.

I will open a new thread for my idea about this that are hard to complete and tag you in it. 1 minute.


Good question - and in my honest opinion, for this type of challenge everyone should have an equal opportunity to complete all levels over the given period. That might mean that SG has to change the tasks to continue to make it a challenge for all players but also allowing each challenge to be achievable.


My view is that there are basically two types of challenge.
The one that would test your skill, ability and roster to achieve levels - Ninja Tower, Tavern, Titan and Trials etc.
And one that is generated by SG to increase revenue. POV being the one.
It makes great business sense to provide players with a challenging task (that is achievable) and then give them free rewards. And at the same time offer “higher” rewards for a price - with that in mind you don’t want to make it too difficult do you?

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I struggle to reach the final tier each time, especially now in a smaller alliance where 6-star titans is almost certainly unobtainable.

That being said, the accession items were moved from tier 50 to 48 to be more accessible. A lot of the more complex challenges were made easier. Reaching tier 35, 40, 45 is still an accomplishment, and makes financial sense for a customer…

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Like many aspects of this game, getting “guaranteed” 4-star AM has always been difficult for weaker players.

I remember how unattainable the final stages of the Special Quests were early in my playing experience. The same with seasonal events - Santa Challenge was a complete miss even after I was able to successfully complete Return to Morlovia after only 3+ months of play.

I think POV has been set up in a similar vein - it’s very attainable for long-term high-level players and more challenging, to impossible for others.

There is incentive for the player to grow their roster and look for stronger alliances in order to collect the best loot. While I understand the counter-argument, I don’t see this as a “major issue.”

It’s all a part of growing with the game and actually supports the FTP early on as players cannot simply buy their way to ascension items (AMs) and fully ascend their purchased 5-stars, they need to build a strong 3-star and 4-star team and join an alliance that will allow them to gain these AMs.

Having traveled that path, I’ve enjoyed the journey and feel that I’ve accomplished something within the game itself.


A fair point! Okay, I didn’t realize you were fighting smaller titans yourself. My alliance is actually stringing 8s pretty comfortably, so the titan challenge isn’t difficult for us to achieve.

The diamond raid tier though? Only one of our members is able to consistently hold diamond. Out of 20 members. Meaning that 95% of my own alliance finds the “win X raids in diamond tier” nearly impossible to complete.

I’m not opposed to the game adding harder to complete content, at all! For those who need a challenge to keep them interested, the game should absolutely offer them a challenge. But PoV is one of those things that is kind of pushed on everyone… not forced, of course, more like gently nudged, and constantly reminded, and constantly getting asked if you want to buy it.

Other events, like Morlovia, are also “pushed”, gently nudged, constantly getting asked if you want to buy something… but Morlovia has different levels. Even the lowbies can usually make some significant progress on the easy level.

I’m certainly not saying that PoV should be achievable by everyone… obviously not a level 1 player who only plays 5 minutes a day, LOL. But someone who has been grinding for several months to reach level 30 or so, in a smaller alliance, killing say 5* titans, hovering between upper gold / lower platinum raid tier, playing actively every day, doing wars, fighting in tourneys, crafting stuff, slaying ducks, waving at all the village idiots etc.; they shouldn’t be locked out of being able to finish PoV simply because their raid game isn’t strong enough, or their alliance’s titan game isn’t strong enough. It was my understanding that the main point of Path of Valor was to promote more active gameplay, by rewarding people for logging in every day and participating in different types of content.

If it was meant to be a hardcore challenge like Ninja Tower, it needs to either be rebranded, or separated into different level tiers, or something like that.


Agree 100% with this. Some things should be made for those active newer players who wind up discouraged with how long the grind is to be competitive. PoV is one of, if not the, best purchases in the game IMO. And even without buying, it makes daily play a draw for everyone. I don’t think the “challenges” need to be challenging for upper players. There are plenty of those. I play in a top 100 alliance, but I have many friends in lower ones who worry that they will have to go merc titans in order to complete it. Especially since many of those same peeps would have trouble finishing the raid in diamond section. It’s ok for SOMEthing to be easy in the game :joy:

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They really should have multiple tiers to make it friendly for all players. The higher tiers can give better rewards, sure… but since it has become a regular part of the game, it shouldn’t be completely unobtainable for certain players.

Obviously, not every player can raid in diamond tier. But every player (at a minimum level) can raid! Not every player can kill huge titans. But every player (at a minimum level) can kill some level of titans! Same with quests. Most quests have different levels. Maybe a new player can only do the easy ones, but at least they get something.

And sure, you could argue that PoV also gives you something even if you can only complete half of it, but the price is the same regardless of whether you only complete half or complete all of it. So essentially, those who can complete the whole thing are getting more for their money. And it’s very discouraging for a lower level player who doesn’t know going in that they probably won’t be able to finish it, no matter how hard they try. PoV should reward effort, not ability. There are plenty of other tasks to challenge one’s ability.

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I agree with removing the Titan star level. Every other task in POV can be completed by an INDIVIDUAL, except for killing higher level titans, and this feels wrong. Path of Valor is supposed to be challenging for the player, it’s not supposed to test whether an alliance can kill higher level titans on a consistent basis. Killing 4,5,6,7* titans is extremely difficult for the average solo player unless you are using a lot of items and flasks.


My issue is in regards to the POV not consistently not counting my participation in war initially. The second war I fight in, then the POV counts that as the initial war. I’ve been playing over 3 yrs and never completed the POV for this reason. Instead of quitting this game because of one issue, I am reaching out in frustration for this to be resolved.

Can you take a screenshot? The first tier was ‘complete 6 attacks in war’ - so it can easily look like only the second is counting, because you’re then working on the second tier.

A screenshot will help us evaluate.

Actually, there’s only been one war since POV started…

Again, a screenshot will help us. But you should be at 0 attacks towards Tier II (2) at this point. So 0 of 12 attacks completed - towards Tier II.

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