PoV daily mission

i did not recievemy 150 points for the crafting the dragon attack. It also did not track the titan win. Thank you

Hiya @Shells589

Maybe give it a little bit of time to “catch-up”

Try force closing & restarting the app.

@Guvnor i tried did not work. I will give it more time.

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If it doesn’t come thru, the only thing you can really do is to #contact-support (click that hashtag for info on how to do so).

Unfortunately we can’t do much about specific accounts here on the forum.

All the best;

Hey, did you craft dragon attack or dragon banner? I got them mixed up today too.

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Dragon Attack 6 hrs i think

Dragon attack should only take 15 minutes to complete (unless you meant research).

It’s unlocked in the regular crafting forge at level 16.

If it’s telling you 6 hours, that means you haven’t researched it yet. You have to complete the research first, then craft one.

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i do not remember the research. That could be the problems thanks

Yeah, most players don’t research all the items like I do. I’ll bet most of the people here with level 20 training camps probably skipped the research on half of the levels. Not that I blame them, most levels are a waste of time and resources to research something they’ll probably never use anyway. :grin:

Late by now, but dragon banner is the purple flag you can get at forge level 14, giving 30% attack and defense. Dragon attack is the dragon holding a fire ball that you can get at forge level 16 that deals damage and a DOT.

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