PoV Daily challenge points didn't register

Hi Devs

Today’s 450 daily challenge points didn’t register on the score bar.

I was sure it did the same thing twice about a week ago but I thought I may have miss read my score from earlier but today I know for sure as before the new days challenges came up I said to my misses I needed 1445 points to reach level 48 as the score bar read 5/1450, I have just completed my daily challenges and the 450 points did not register (image below)

Is it possibly just a glitch in the matrix? Maybe try clearing game cache and restarting the app. If that don’t work then starting a support ticket is probably about all you can do

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Seems like you where right, restarting the app did work and the points do show up now.



Glad it worked and they showed up for you

Happens at least once a day for me. Hit the Complete button and the animation goes, but the points number doesn’t change. Close and reopen the POV window and the number is now correct.

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