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Have had a issue with Pov counter of troop summons. I did a 20 summon of troops and hero’s but pov counter only counted 11.

May I ask how do you know how many it counted? How many were there registered before your 20 pulls? How many are now? Just asking in order to rule out any missunderstandings. This might be due to a pretty common user error caused by the summoning quest tier count being reset after reaching the threshold between two tiers. If your count is now ar 11, the other 9 pulls were most likely counted before the counter was reset by crossing into a higher quest tier.


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If you could post a screen shot of your pov summons that be gladly appreciated.

I know how many it counted as i checked before pulls had 9 to reach next tier did 17 pulls and then changed to pov to collect rewards and should of been on 8 of next tier (45 pulls) was only on 1

will do after work not allowed to on work time damm it

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Wow. This customer is angry. @Dudeious.Maximus better not let him more angry. :sweat_smile:

That’s strange… as long as the numbers are correct, something went really wrong… I’d recommand submiting a support ticket, but unless doubled by visual evidence, I doubt your case will be taken seriously…

I did use 41 ETTs yesterday. So far, it counted to my Summons POV. Now I only need and do the daily free summon and this challenge is complete on the 49th day of POV. No issues on my part. Just need to get and hoard more regular summon tokens for the next POV.

Needed 4 summons to fulfill the 25 needed. I did the VIP summons and 2 additional pulls. None of them were counted. It shows I still need 4🤨

I did 150+ grey tokens today, Each one was registered by PoV counter.

Congrats, So were the many I did before on this account. And I’ve nearly completed summons on my big account. Does not make the few today that were NOT counted appear though. Lol
Already sent ticket, which has gotten tougher to do then I remember. This acct is f2p except VIP, so every pull needs to count for those precious and way to rare mats to be won!

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