POV Completion - Convert Excess Points to some kind of Reward (Food, Iron, Exp etc...)

Once you’ve completed the POV, I think it would be a good idea for the remainder of leftover challenges you complete that these convert automatically into exp, or food or iron. Rather than nothing. What do we think?

I I agree. It’s a good idea. this will make sure that some players do not abandon the last tasks after having completed the value path

I was hoping it would carry over to the next pov.

I realize this might be a big ask and I certainly think that having this bigger reserve in valor points is positive for many. Its very annoying to complete probably another 30 something challenges for absolutely nothing…I ain’t asking for much but could this be addressed next time.

Something is better than just nothing, even if they gave the equivalent in food or iron would make it worth at least something.


I mean if it’s annoying why complete them…? I certainly didn’t when I got to Tier 50 :slight_smile:

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Either a mission or “bonuses” for those who finish level 50 of POV would be nice, especially as we continue to get the daily quests completed.

perhaps 250k food/iron bundles per 1000 POV points beyond level 50? just a thought.

Isn’t that like running the 100m and asking for something extra because you ran an extra 20m? The race was to 100…anything else is just wasted effort.

It’s like in Spinal Tap were the Amp goes to 11 though I guess…

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Hey, @PeachyKeen!
I think your idea is similar to the one in this thread:

I prefer getting no bonus stuff for finishing over than max rather the to read 6543271283143234213 posts about people being unable to get 100% of available rewards.


But… there are “stretch goals” and things of that sort. Was worth a thought.

You’re right. I don’t care if this gets merged.

@zephyr1 @DaveCozy

I believe that is an excellent idea. I haven’t made it past reward 45 or so, but it would be a good motivator for me as well as others.

Why such a toxic reply tho? Is that how you read my comment, as if I’m going out of my way to complete these gigantic tasks…

It’s more symbolic then anything else. Like I said 150 food or Iron per challenge, where is the harm in that?

And…yes once they implement these changes I will ask for more by the time that path ends, but let’s cross that brdge when we get there