PoV Complete Daily Valor Challenge Changed Mid PoV6

Nothing was ever communicated from Zynga as to the necessary dailies for each level.
The forum assumed that they would be the same as past PoV’s which seemed to be a safe assumption, until it wasn’t. It’s unclear if level IX of dailies was reached in beta prior to release in the game; similar to what we’re seeing for the next PoV - we have data through level 7, but are making assumptions on the later levels.

Sorry, I’m going to be busy today so a bit slow with my responses.

I’m not sure what you are saying here. Are you excusing SG from announcing changes made during the current PoV, or saying that these were not changed during the PoV but before it started? If the later, you can simply look at posts like this and this and compare to the screenshots here and you will see that the first levels did change during this current PoV. That is, for players starting the daily valor challenge it was observed to follow the expected path of

But a deviation from the expected was noticed for tier 9 with 27 dailies replacing 25 . Since this deviation was noticed, the new daily challenges have been found to be:

Tier Daily Tasks Valor Points
1 3 Dailies +50
2 6 Dailies +75
3 7 Dailies +100
4 8 Dailies +150
5 12 Dailies +225
6 ??? +375
7 ??? +550
8 ???21 +750
9 **27 +1100
10 **30 +1625

which means players starting after this change had a different (and increasing) number of dailies to do.

And until I go farther on my alt (I should be able to reach two more tiers before the end) we are not sure exactly when/where this changed happened, because for some reason SG doesn’t communicate this information with us.

SG has never announced what the POV challenges will be, or what the different tier requirements will be. An assumption was made within the user community that a tier progression would be the same progression as in a previous POV. That assumption turned out to not be valid.

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Again, this is not comparing the current PoV to a previous one. This is comparing the state of the current PoV which changed. Please read the whole post.

Edit: To make this more clear - both of these screenshots were captured during the current PoV.

Source for first screnshot

So 2 different accounts, get different challenge?

This one have a detailed picture of 6th PoV with only 3 daily challenges for the tier II

If this second account started after these changes were implemented, then yes they would get a different challenge.

What I’m curious about is what would have happened to a hypothetical account that finished 9 dailies before this change. Before the change they would be just starting the fourth tier, but after would be just starting the third. Would this account get set back and retroactively lose valor points since the points per tier are unchanged?

I always thought the old system had room for improvement. For instance keeping the same 135/150 (90%) target they could have had 9 levels increasing by 3 each day.

3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27.

This would’ve been far more elegant imo, don’t think they have an existing points system for 9 levels, but that would be straightforward to do.

I can’t really tell what the reorganisation as it appears is trying to achieve, and to do it midway through a PoV seems unnecessary

Sorry for the confusion on my part. I think this has now been split from the original PoV VI thread as a bug/issue. I had thought that the new Daily challenges that you are showing were from Beta and the daily challenges for PoV VII, rather than a change to the PoV VI. I’m assuming your alt account is not Beta on PoV VII at this point which definitely seems to indicate that this is an issue.

My previous response was solely to the 27 dailies required at stage 9, which is different to the 25 in previous PoV’s. If you have not done so already, it may be worth raising this through support as well as the forum.

Tier VI is 15 dailies, which with the other assumptions raises the cumulative to 145.

Edit: My guess is that Tier VII is 18 dailies, which if that is true and the remaining tiers are as found will mean the new total is 147 dailies. This would mean you could only miss up to 3 dailies during the PoV to complete it.

No worries, I didn’t even think to make it clear that I wasn’t in beta. Your conversation makes sense now, and yes when I saw 27 dailies instead of 25 I just assumed it was an unannounced change. The other changes were only discovered when I collected the free Christmas coins on my alt, and checked the PoV and saw the first tier was 3 dailies instead of one like at the start.

I like this idea a lot more than what it appears they are doing. If what I’ve collected so far stays, and my guess for Tier VII staying 18 is true, and the last three tiers are the same (quite a few assumptions, but hard to be sure when we don’t know exactly when or what changed) then the new total would be 147/150 (98%). Missing more than 1 day would mean not finishing this challenge.

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Tier VII was indeed 18 dailies for my alt. Reposting the chart from earlier modified to show what my main and alt had for daily challenges during this PoV.

Tier Main Alt Main Cumulative Total Alt Cumulative Total Difference
1 1 Dailies 3 Dailies 1 3 +2
2 3 Dailies 6 Dailies 4 9 +5
3 5 Dailies 7 Dailies 9 16 +7
4 6 Dailies 8 Dailies 15 24 +9
5 9 Dailies 12 Dailies 24 36 +12
6 15 Dailies 15 Dailies 39 51 +12
7 18 Dailies 18 Dailies 57 69 +12
8 21 Dailies ??? 78 ???
9 27 Dailies ??? 105 ???
10 30 Dailies ??? 135 ???

I’ve thought about this, and while interesting I’m not sure how much we can really read into these changes. It’s interesting this was done mid-PoV, but since my main finished on day 45 instead of day 49 it is more like my main and alt were on two different tracks instead of changing to a new uniform set.

Some possibilities:

  • The last three tiers that my alt didn’t reach matched my main for 21, 27, and 30 totaling 147 dailies. If this is the case for the next PoV (or next one with daily valor challenge) then this would mean you could only miss 3 dailies to complete the challenge. This would also be 12 more than what my main needed for this PoV, and 14 more than the previous two PoVs. I’d say it is unlikely this would be that strict.

  • The last three tiers that my alt didn’t reach keep the pattern of 3 more than the last, or 21, 24, and 27 dailies totaling 141 dailies. This would be 6 more than this PoV, and 8 more than previous ones. This still is a noticeable increase but seems more reasonable.

  • They use some other numbers (in part or entirely), or they leave the next daily valor challenge PoV unchanged making this some weird experiment that won’t be seen again. Who knows? :man_shrugging:

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