PoV Complete Daily Valor Challenge Changed Mid PoV6

It looks like they changed the complete daily challenges from last time. Now tier 9 requires 27 challenges instead of 25.

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I wonder what reasoning was used for this silent change? Like, why??? Without communication I’m only left to speculate, and my speculation is that they are looking to increase daily activity numbers by extending the time it takes to finish this challenge.

It doesn’t extend it. If you do every daily, then the difference will be you have to complete all 3 on the last day instead of only 1.

Tier 9 taking 25 was weird. I would have preferred them changing to 24, but this is fine too.

Isn’t it 27???

It was 25 in the previous Path of Valours. They changed it to 27 this time.

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It is now, yes.

Wasn’t previously. All the info on the Valor Challenges is based of previous iterations. Can’t confirm until we get to that stage.

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This assumes Tier 10 is still 30. It will be interesting to see as I’ve skipped certain ones to maximize my use of WE for Atlantis and Challenge Events and have already missed 11 dailies. In the past that would not be an issue as we could miss 17 and still be on target for Tier 10. That has no dropped to just 15 assuming Tier 10 is still 30, but could be even fewer if Tier 10 is increased as well. Crossing my fingers.

Agreed. Now that we know Tier IX has been increased to 27, is it worth updating the original post for accuracy with a note that this was edited as it increased from previous POV’s? Note regarding the Total needed to completer Tier X could also be updated.

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Yes. I will.

When I get a chance.

@Guvnor: there have been even more changes to the valor daily challenge made during the current PoV. This PoV started with the usual posts about people confused how they were at 2/3 for complete daily challenges II because the first level was 1 daily, followed by 3 dailies in the second level.

Yesterday I collected the free summons on alts that I don’t really play anymore and found that the first level was changed to 3 dailies (sadly did not get a screenshot) and the second level was changed to 6 dailies:

We’ll likely have to wait until the next PoV to see the full changes - I’m not inclined at all to advance them on an alt more than I have - but likely means those posts from confused players will be a thing of the past.

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Best news yet!

Although, instead of the typical “bug” of 2/3 on the first day, there will be the “bug” of being 0/6 on the first day :laughing:

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Do SG said in release note that they made minor changes in PoV?

I looked at V33 and V34 release notes and didn’t see it. This changed happened during this PoV and those were the only releases in that time.

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What’s the name of the Female Avatar at Level 50?

Bertila. January 2021 HotM

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Turns out Mythic Titans don’t count as attacks.

Well I wasn’t going to check the new complete daily challenge levels on my alt, but then thought about it and realized the apparent pattern of 3, 6, … , 27, 30 would mean that we would have 50 days to do 55 days worth of dailies which I doubt would be the case. It is interesting that these changes seem to be both unannounced and changed during the live PoV. Anyways, here are my findings so far.

  • ** values for new daily tiers and totals are unknown, and the tiers currently have a placeholder of 1 higher than the previous one to represent the minimal increase.

  • Note that for the 8th tier 21 dailies is the same since I think this changed happened before that one - the changes were first noticed with the 27 dailies at level 9. This assumption could be incorrect.

Tier Old Daily Tasks New Daily Tasks Old Cumulative Total New Cumulative Total Difference
1 1 Dailies 3 Dailies 1 3 +2
2 3 Dailies 6 Dailies 4 9 +5
3 5 Dailies 7 Dailies 9 16 +7
4 6 Dailies 8 Dailies 15 24 +9
5 9 Dailies 12 Dailies 24 36 +12
6 15 Dailies 15 Dailies 39 51 ** +12
7 18 Dailies **16 Dailies 57 67 ** +10
8 21 Dailies 21 Dailies 78 88 ** +10
9 25 Dailies 27 Dailies 103 115 ** +12
10 30 Dailies 30 Dailies 133 145 ** +12

So it seems that assuming the final three tiers stayed the same and that the unknown tiers require at least one more than the previous one these changes add at least 8 completed dailies to finish this valor challenge. I’ll update this post when/if I have further results.



Edit: added info for Tier VI


Yes the last tier unchanged at 30.

Each PoV has it’s own set of challenges, so it’s not something that would necessarily be included in release notes. It will be interesting to see if they restart at PoV I once they get through all of the classes or if they continue with PoV XI after PoV X allowing them to continued to make adjustments to the challenges etc.

I’d agree that usually PoV changes are not included in release notes (last one I found was for V30 which was not specific).

The difference here is these changes happened during the live PoV, instead of waiting to implement the changes for the next PoV. I think it is a reasonable thing to inform players if the rules change during a current event. This is the sort of communication that SG really sucks at.

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