Pov challenges

My pov hasn’t marked off all my war hits, I’m at 23/24 yet I’ve used all my hits in every war during pov, and my partners have all been marked off,


Not that it’s any consolation, but we have at least two more wars during the period. You’ll definitely get it next war.

I’ll get it wedensday bt it did it last pov aswell, where I did wht was needed and it didn’t mark off afew challenges, so instead of just daily challenges left and working on 50 for rewards I’m still waiting on 48. But ya ill see wht happens come Wednesday

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Last pov wasnt an issue, I couldn’t get through the challenge events, this time, I’ve worked my butt off too get through everything and leave spare time, so bit of a kick too have it not mark off all my hits, and everyone else has had war hits marked off

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