POV Challenge Bug (Raid Arena)

I received a challenge in my POV for win 60 raids in diamond arena. This has to be a bug as this is the second time I’ve received this challenge in POV and not been able to complete it… let’s be more accurate — not been able to even participate in it.

My highest trophy count is 2244 which is still 200 short of being in diamond. Due to my overall strongest team, anytime in get into the 2100+ trophies area I get attacked constantly until I’m back into the 1900-2000 range. That means that not only am I nowhere close to diamond arena, even if I were to somehow get there for a raid or two I wouldn’t sustain the trophies needed to remain there for the time needed to win 60 raids in that arena.

I’ve paid for 3 POV challenges and in two I’ve been given this challenge. The other one put my challenge as win 60 raids in platinum which I was able to accomplish by the end of POV.

I understand POV is intended to be challenging but should provide the opportunity to at least try and complete the challenges. Giving me a challenge to win 60 raids in diamond is not challenging, it’s impossible.

As a paying member I think I should receive some type of compensation for this challenge that has now been given to me twice and stopped me
From being able to get the POV rewards I should get.

The Valor challenges are identical for all players so… no bug there… Game isn’t “targetting” you or anything. Everyone has the same Valor Challenges and the same Daily Challenges.

Can read more here: 🧭 Fourth Path of Valor (Valour; PoV4) Log and Discussion – Starts Aug 3

Edit to add:
For what it’s worth, you will still reach the Ascension material Node (Reward Node 47) without needing to even start on Win Raids V challenge.

You’re currently 170 valor Point off with 4 more days of daily challenges to go. You need 2/12 remaining challenges to get the Mats which, most players, deem as the most important and best “value for money” items on the PoV Rewards.

It’s not a bug, it’s the challenge.
You can even do it ignoring the diamond raids.


I find this to be difficult to believe that raid win challenges aren’t based on arena /trophy levels since I’ve been given win 60 in platinum a few POVs. Since this specific raid is based on arena, if people are in diamond and and they have platinum as the win 60… those people would have to lose trophies to get into platinum or not get the POV reward.

Let’s assume that it is indeed the same for all and not based on arena/trophy level then this means as I’ve stated that POV challenges aren’t just challenging, they’re impossible for some players. Why present something that is impossible to achieve in POV… if they want to make it more difficult then change it from 60 to win 500 in your current arena. At least this would still be possible to achieve and would encourage players to spend more time in game.

Not true. The challenges usually read something like “Win X amount of matches in bronze arena or above”. So no need to drop any cups. I have completed all 4 POVs till date, and I never had to do cup dropping.

Plus, as the posters above have already mentioned. You can still complete the entire PoV without doing that challenge. Just make sure you complete the other ones.


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