POV battles in tournament not counting

Just finished fighting in the new raid tournament and the level 4 POV did not register the 5 battles.

It’s either that you just completed the previous level, in which case the counter is reset to 0/20 (or whatever the quota is)

Or it’s a bug that requires a support ticket in game and unfortunately can’t be resolved in the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just seeing if it happened to any other players. And to also have them test before they complete all 5 fights today.

I’m not worried about completing that section. I should easily get it. But some others might not be able to if they are on the lower tier of that challenge and it is not updating.

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All 5 of my battles counted this morning

Do you actually have to win all the battles, or just “play” 5 battles? It looked to me like my defeats counted, but I may be wrong.

Every battle counts, win or loss.

Also, Tier 4 - 0/20 is the highest one can go in the tournament PoV challenge till now. First tier had 5, 2nd tier 10, and 3rd tier 15, so total 30 battles. So if someone fought all 25 battles in the last tournament and 5 battles today, then the OP finished 30 tournament battles. Which means that he/she finished the 1st 3 tiers and just unlocked tier 4.

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So, it should be achievable for any player who participates! That’s excellent!

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My Battles did not register either.

One of my teammates says the game did not register the tournament raids as well

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