POV Avatar rewards

While enjoyable as checking off a daily to-do list, Path of Valor simply isn’t fun s far as rewards go. When initially released, the avatars won on completion were a driving force to get it done. There are a couple cool rewards but not enough to make it something to look forward to.

Honestly I thought getting through the whole thing to get an avatar was a waste of time. Like this rewards schedule better. Not saying it couldn’t be improved but it is better


The Ethers are nice, and the talents. I’m also speaking as a non paying valor player. So there’s that.

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I super don’t care about avatars… I’d be ok with a field of black… But i accept you liked them… But it doesn’t drive people like me to finish it.

I have always found avatars to be very useless rewards.

It’s like some of those cheaper role-playing games like Fable 3 that make you go through a hellish Quest that is super difficult and the reward turns out to be nothing more than a useless set of clothing.