POV and summon heroes

Does anyone know? To actually complete the POV on summon heroes, does it require spending money to do enough summons?

It might be tight if you don’t pay.

EDIT: Looks like you need 275 summons, so you probably will have to do gem summons unless you hoarded tokens prior

There is someone in the MAIN PoV Discussion thread keeping track as a F2P.

Most recent update:

Most F2P players think they will get through tier IX of the summons challenge but are not sure on finishing the final summons tier.


I missed that one. It’s interesting that it could be that close

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It’s all about how efficient & dedicated you are… Like any “loyalty Rewards” system.

Basically if you rush through as many chests as you can (3-4+ per day) and complete all events & mystic visions, you SHOULD be able to drop enough summons tokens to manage…

The other alternative is to stop at tier IX & start saving the summons tokens for the next PoV… So calculate how many you’ll get off the remaining free daily summons & stop using tokens etc… then.


I feel like a little warning in small print saying ‘you will need x gems for y summons to complete POV’ should be put on the purchase screen. I am only on Summon VII at present. >.<

And there are still 30+ days remaining…?

There is no way of determining “how many gems” you will need… As I said above, some F2P players think they will need 0 (ZERO) gems to complete…


I have 35 days left to do 170 summons… so I would need to average nearly 6 a day to finish this. Getting nervous lol!

If you’re worried, just follow this advice here:

Then if you accrue enough “free tokens” to complete Summon X, blitz them at the end of the month.

Note tho; you can get to PoV Reward #50 without doing the final Summons Challenge… You can drop 2k of Valour Points in total… Summons X = 1625, leaving you with 375 spare points (3x missed daily challenges)

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but… that’s cheating ! also, good to know that pov doesnt require you to finish everything to complete the pov

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