Potential way to introduce non-S1 costumes

I don’t mind the thought of non-S1 costumes, just having them on the strongest heroes and only in events. I think there is a good way to have the existing costumes and introduce new ones without unbalancing the game badly.

  1. Keep the costume portal as-is
  2. Add non-S1 costumes to the costume portal
  3. Add Stronghold level 26
  4. Add HA level 11

HA level 11:
New train option to train costumes.
72 hour train time (perhaps more)

Potential rewards:
57% - 3* S1 costume
35% - 4* S1 costume
5% - 5* S1 costume
3% - 5* non-S1 costume

Unlike the costume portal, the hero academy 11 would only give the costumes themselves, never a hero to go with them.

This allows players that already have the heroes to have a chance at getting the costumes. For those that don’t they’d still be pulling at the costume portal

New Materials:
Thread & Cloth - These would be fairly rare, perhaps about the chance of a 3* ascension MAT (like a compass). One of each would be needed to train.
On rare occasion, they could be sold in the shop for a low cost.

Hey :slight_smile:

I already suggested idea to introduce alternate costumes, which arent portal dependent

Not much use having the costume without the hero. Masquerade was changed because of this problem if they introduce extra ways of getting non S1 heroes then we would need costume and hero. The only way to get S2 or S3 is to buy them

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