Potential war exploit by resetting Talent Grid of all heroes before matchmaking, and then upgrading the heroes again for the actual War?

Alliance war matching is based on strongest heros of each player…im certain if a hero has a class boost that this is factored into the overal strength because their team power value increases…

What is to stop an alliance from resetting the talent grid on their highest heros for war matching, then re-applying once matching is complete, drawing a much weaker opponent?

It might not be an issue right now, as everyone is still class building and collecting as many emblems as they possibly can…but what about 6 months or a year from now when players start having an excess of emblems and do not care about the minor loss due to resetting.

To me it sound like a dumb idea, right up there with setting a 1* defense…but you know as well as I, if it can be exploited, no matter how asinine, some will do it.

The difference with talent grids is minimal unless they finish the talent grid, Which I highly doubt.
Plus is more complex than that.

The gem cost would be massive doing that for a war…
You’re still right that it is a potential exploit though.

Like i said, not an issue now, but what about down the road when players have excess emblems…thoes attack defense, and health boost add up!

More complex how? Matching is based on 30 best heros, with emphasisplaced on top 5 players…if top 5 cut 5 of their 30 best heros down by 20 to 30 points by removing the class boosts…that could be huge!

But like said, its a waste of resources, and a dumb idea, but mark my words some will try it.

If someone wants to pay a 5% emblem tax per hero per war to squeeze out a little advantage, let em. There are wars 2x a week, and emblems just don’t drop that fast.

This is a self-correcting problem.


If someone does that then “does not compute” :man_shrugging:

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The human being truly is incredible, always trying to find ways to fu** other people!!!

You forget about reset emblems which come with no penalty…i already have 8 of them…how many will i have in a year?

Not enough to play this type of game twice a week with 30 heroes for very long :slight_smile:


How is that possible, I thought the only source of those was war chests…

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Dont believe ppl on the internet🤪

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Im not talking all 30 heros…if i just “nerf” my 5 strongest heros…say for 5 wars in a row to fill the chest…only requires 25 rest tokens…

As i have maintained, its not practical, or real smart…but someone will do it, and we will be reading how unfair it is down the road…

Proactive not reactive :wink:

“only 25 reset tokens”


Wow, that’s like making you impotent to annoying your wife.

It works, but that’s not really sharp.


If you “nerf” your strongest 5 heroes with emblems, the next 5 with emblems will now become your strongest 5 heroes. Unless you only have 5 with emblems, you need to strip down everyone with emblems to see a benefit.

I’m not saying someone can’t get an advantage temporarily. I’m saying that even at just 10 reset emblems a week, you’ll blow through your stock like greased lightning.


This analogy made me laugh really hard. I’m not sure it’s 100% accurate, but it really brightened my day :laughing:

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There’s an iron storage limit. And the amount of excess iron one can generate isn’t all that much,

Practicality and intelligence may not go hand in hand with someone willing to make that decision lol

Matching loopholes

Too long; didn’t understand: The Devs already accounted for this ( trust me, clicking on this will not enhance your understanding)

People, the Devs have seen it all, the current war matching is a exceeding simplistic Elo based rating with a flexible starting value and self correcting checksum. Because humans.

There are several things that annoy me about war matching and class resets but this situation was patched a long time ago by the Devs.

I understand you are looking at opportunity costs, but this is actually the opposite of how you want to manipulate the current version of matching for your alliance’s first war.

Nuclear family

A better strategy - we shall call it Nuclear Families - would be level twelve offensive 5* tanks to 5*+19 with HP+Def talent grids then build 3-1-1 attack teams out of two 5*+19 - parents- and three same color 4* 4.70 glass cannons - the kids - since AI defense attacks are colorless and attacker’s get the color stacking hidden buff.

Any other 5* heroes would have to be left at 5* 2.60, or lower. The opposite of how you want to defeat Class quests and titans.

In fact that is why Nuclear family would work, because your opponents we be raking in the emblems and titan loot while you get a two ascension item rolls per week.

But that would literally be building your entire alliance around a slight edge in matching. The weight given to defense teams was increased with proportion to the non-linear nature of defense ( the 5*+19 Parent loophole was heavily nerfed long ago ) but the non-linear nature of color stacking is tougher to correct for since it depends heavily on enemy defense team composition ( the 4* 4.70 glass cannon kid loophole may be a trap depending on opponent).

It is simply a variation on this very old, and heavily nerfed, Parent loophole strategy.

Analysis obsolete war strategy ARCHIVE for reference only

Self correction

Really I should have lead with this.

I blame Garanwyn. Some times it is more fun to explore the edge cases - first time your alliance fights a war - than to actually account for human factors.

Manipulating the first match of a newly formed alliance is self defeating. It will fall apart in two weeks due to the self correcting nature of - even simplistic - Elo based ratings.

To have a chance at getting this to work, you would have to create a new alliance every third war.

That is why a win is 5 points and a loss is 1 point instead of changing based on war rating.

In fact allowing players to leave an alliance and return without resetting the war chest was brilliant on the Devs part because it put further social pressure to stay with an alliance for five to eight wars.

The Devs do not trust us - which let us be realistic, is smart on their parts.


You and my wife can form a club :slight_smile:

Totally agree. As you surmise, I was purely discussing the sustainability of the proposed exploit, rather than the wisdom of attempting it. Even if we fiat that it works perfectly, it’s literally unsustainable.

The more detailed TL;DR on your strategy would be something like:

Color stacking gives an attack buff that isn’t reflected in card power. Exploit this by focusing on using 4* heroes as your damage dealers, since their card power is low(ish) but their stacking tile damage is really large.

I actually have a proposed refinement of this strategy, but I’ll pull the discussion out of thread so we can talk it through non-disruptively.

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