Potential problem with path of valor quest

When I got quest to gain a lvl for a troop i was lvling barracks, so I can’t complete it right? Upgrading barracks takes longer for higher lvl of itself, so basically if I want to complete valor i cannot upgrade barracks which doesn’t make sense at all! It should be different, i Don’t believe this is intentional. Thanks in advance!

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The only solution is to remove troop leveling from pov it’s an idea that I doubt will go far given how little pov seems to change.

I don’t like being “told” to farm season 3 to do a daily challenge but I do it because I want to do that daily challenge.

No need to get angry here on other forum users :wink:

If you know how to play, you should know that this task was part of earlier POV’s, so you should have not levelled your barracks now…
you can level it between 2 POV’s…


Sadly this is intentional.

Level up troops has been part of POV for an age. I’ve seen on here before that people suggest only upgrading barracks In between POV time periods. (So every 40 days or so) or just accept that u will miss that daily challenge (u can miss 3 without it impacting the complete daily challenges challenge).

Just like when it’ll ask u to complete season 3 stages when Atlantis Rising is on. SG put it in there to try and coerce people into doing stuff.

You either choose level up barracks, complete challenges or for some lower level players choose between barracks and Forge…

Complete season 3 challenge or get extra resources from Atlantis (or use a flask/spend gems on WE)

I think there are a few others as well

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When POV first came out, I was in that same situation. I guess it’s a good thing that even if you miss even 5 daily challenges, you are still able to complete at least 48 stages.

I think I’ve intentionally missed a handful of the daily challenges in the last POV because this thing can get too taxing. But I’ve managed to complete all 50 levels. Just gotta be sure to finish the big challenges on the bottom (ie, war, titan, exp, summons, etc)

So missing a couple challenges isn’t a bad thing. And your barracks should be done levelling up while the POV is ongoing. Happy hunting!

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Esp love it when you have to do the Jotenheim stages…during Atlantis Rises


An idea would be to try and work it so once you complete pov you have, A builder ready, iorn ready to upgrade your barracks this will give time for completion before the next pov starts.
Rinse and repeat.


U don’t read previous comments, and write replies, im not angry but i already answered it basically :slight_smile:

The good new is that you can miss a day or two’s worth of daily POV an still complete it. I’d just ignore it this time and start leveling a barracks. In the long run having stronger troops is good for your team anyway.

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Spend depth ( see notes )

I agree 100%

I also believe it is intentional

Several Daily PoV cannot be completed by my Teeny accounts because their buildings are not fully leveled ( looking at you Forge )

This Daily PoV encourages leveling your Barracks early, spending gems to rush your Barracks, and buying Elite Valor Pass ( includes 9 k Valor points )

Spend depth


POV fun again today. So as soon as atlantis Rising finishes and everybody has burnt through their WE flasks we get today’s challenges

6 season 1 stages = 18 WE
3 Midgard Stages = 18 WE
3 Underwater Stages 18 WE
Not to bad in itself but when u add in

Trials of Mythicism = 36 WE.

That’s 90 WE which is a heck of a lot for the average player in a day

Not including what people start the day with that’s 15 hours of replenishment

Or of course buy more flasks…


That was my exact reaction when I’ve seen the daily challenges :roll_eyes:

I see where are they going with everything, not just this, but only thing that it is doing is making me annoyed, that’s all :smiley:

Actually, you need 21 WE to complete 3 stages.


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