Potential merger wanted

@Tikabam88, our alliance is part of the Crew Family of alliances, we can definetelly talk about the merge, hit me up in line @ Wiser27. I have a great group here and we recently had to do some cleanup, we only have active players and competitive but not crazy, I understand that life happens.

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Laci I just sent you a friend request on discord. After that I will invite you to the server. From there you will me the alliance founder. I am just a recruiter/co-leader

Hi,if you haven’t found yet give us a try !

Similar to you, our leader & co-leader both went AWOL some time ago. We (Next Chapter Outlaws) are actively recruiting. Our 16 members are very active in war & titan kills. While we have been together for some time now, the Next Chapter Outlaws are roughly 3 weeks old and has reached 8* titans. If your active members are looking for a spot to land and merge, we would definitely enjoy having you guys.


Hi all! We are looking for new members in our growing alliance! We are a primarily military and law enforcement alliance that is a great mix of laid back, friendly, yet competitive. We have all played together for a long time, and are looking to expand our roster. We are an experienced group currently taking down 8* titans with only 9 members, with all members having defense teams well over 4200. Our only requirements are that you are active and communicate, as well as use all flags in war. If life happens and you are unable to participate in a war, you can opt out with no worries. We are looking to grow and are happy to take on a merger including less experienced players wanting to learn and grow. If this sounds up your alley, please feel free to give us a try! We use the LINE app, LINE ID: US MILITARY VETERANS. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me directly. LINE ID: devil-doc-USMC, Semper Fi!

If you still looking come over and see if our Alliance is right for you… talk with us leader line ID Star McStarrer.

Hi Tikabam! I can see you have quite a few interested alliances here, but if none seem quite the right fit, give me a holler!

TheVillains has just enough spots for everyone in your alliance and we play with the same mentality as you: We know that life is important and top priority, but we also have a responsibility to our alliance members who invest a lot of time and money into this game and need everyone’s participation to be successful.

I’ve been one of the co-leaders for about a year now and can tell you that we do everything we can to make sure our members are successful, including requesting merc help for titans if necessary and developing knowledgeable war strategies, while also making sure everyone feels comfortable and has fun. We do require that all war flags are used.

We would be more than happy to accomodate your plan to test compatibility, so let me know if you’re interested!

Hello, what is the status here ? How about merging crews together ? Git Your Rage On!

We’re tight crew, playing and supporting each other, coming from 3 different alliances, so we have an experience on how to welcome and take care about new members.

Let me know and take care,

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Check out our group of fun active players looking for someone to merge with us. We’re called the guild of legends for good reason, but had a similar incident with our leader a couple of months ago. Took a couple of our big hitters with him! We’ve been together for over a year and have taken out 10* rare titans! Please check us out or we can chat on line as well. Line id aaptwak.

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