Potential merger wanted

i have a great team of 11, as of now, who are willing to merge for the sake of advancement. I have yet 2 hear from 2 other members about the subject but it seems majority rules in this case.

Firstly, my team has been together for about 1 1/2 years. We’ve become a sort of secondary family. Our leader went AWOL 80 days ago and we have lost 3 heavy hitters ranging from 4200 to 4500 due to lack of recruitment. Im a coleader who adopted the responsibilities of a leader.

We’ve all agreed to a merger. My proposal: i’m willing to join your alliance, up to 1 week, to see how your team functions. If open to the idea, your teams leader can join our group for 1 week to see how we function. If we both think its a good fit for both parties, a merger will happen.1 stipulation from my team: if a merger is to go through, the current leader AND myself are to be the coleaders, equal.

My alliance understands life happens; u may miss a war because your wife went into labor, your grandma is in poor health, your parent were in an accident etc. Ive ran our alliance with 1 motto: life happens but dont take my kindness for weakness. If interested, please msg.


Tagging a friend @Yates1876. Visiting a potential merger partner is a great idea.

I may have missed it, but…

  • what is the name of your alliance?
  • what level titans are you hitting?
  • if the leader continues to be awol, wouldn’t it be better if y’all relocated?

Were stuck at 6-7s, alliance ookay, and thats kind of y im reaching out to the forum. Relocation is inevitable if any of us want to advance. Ive got 6 5* s that are stuck @ tier 3 due to lack of ascension mats.

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@Tikabam88 - what is your current alliance name, and do you have discord or Line to chat?

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Alliance name: ookay. Previous leader had half of us on facebook msgr so no. Def open to it

This is us… We’re all active and looking for like minded people, which sounds exactly like what you’re looking for. TBD: Part Deux - Active group looking for like-minded people

Btw - currently we have 8 people, comfortably taking down 6* titans.


@Sarah2 - you beat me to it lol.

@Tikabam88 - if you want to set up a line or discord (discord is what we use for our alliance, so that would be better, but I am on both). My IDs are listed on the ad Sarah just posted.

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If you are interested in a merge, you can check us out! We have a very active, fun team! We have always been full, but due to the pandemic, many had job changes, family issues, etc. and have left the game. We went from battling 9* titans to 7* because of the decline in members. Most of us are very experienced players. We help and encourage each other. We do strategize war and the decreased roster has not affected our winning there. Alliance is RockeyRampage. I’m ok with everything you suggested, but I can’t leave the alliance for a week- sorry! We do use discord but it’s not required. Let me know if you are interested, and we can find a way to work out any details! Happy gaming!!

Let me check with my alliance. We are a laid back group of close individuals. We are stuck at 6-7 active members. We use discord and I too have several 5* toons stuck at tier 2-3 due to ascension material. We know real life happens to and are very reasonable.

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GRID LOCK would love to have you as well…feel free to check us out…we have a group!

If you have active members, then consider joining Misery Loves E&P. We are currently at 22 members with 1 inactive, so we can take up to 8-9. we are doing all lvl 10 titans at 22 members. I see that your members are all in the range of 3700 -4200 TP, so we can help you guys grow as players.
If you want to chat, look me up on Line: Sendo.X

Hi @Tikabam88 ,

GitRDone Wolfpack is also looking for merge opportunities. 16 members, We’re a casual alliance, currently hitting 6-7*, and can discuss any questions you have.

LineID: oceanbyfrost

I like ur group. We r a bit under yalls scores wise but a week was an option. That covers a titan battle and a war without total abandonment. My team really likes you stats but…a show of faith is all WE ask Luciloylou

Tikabam88 I feel your pain for I too was forced into leadership. Red Hot & blue has gone through what you are going through. We split away from our pervious alliance due to AWLO leader and loss of players. I suggest you send one or two of your members out a recon missions to see how the alliances function and since you are a family how the a blended family might work.

Red Hot & blue has been in existence for a little over a month and we are 8W2L and both the losses we had more than 4000 pts. Our top player score is 71 with a medium in the mid 40’s. Our top def teams scores are 4300 with a medium around 3800. We are 15 serious(chat enough)adults the cover a wide age range up to 70( only need to be young at heart to play). We have members in the Uk, Australia and mostly No Am. We have 6’s as a snack. we are a gun short of making 7’s a regular meal. Combined we could be up to 12&13’s in no time.

The alliance it open so you can feel free to come and shop. We use a combined attack in war is repeatedly kill the smalls in the first half and flip the board twice in the second half.

I put a message out to my team. My discord is laciloulou#0694. Please feel free to reach out so we can talk more!! I think this could be awesome:)

Knights of Tomorrow would welcome you with open arms. We’re interested in advancement also, but we do put life first. We have a lot of good players and everyone is pretty chill, willing to help, and most importantly, 100% Drama-Free.

If you haven’t found what you are looking for feel free to message me at hilaria11 on LINE. I have an alliance family, the legion family. We have an alliance that might be a good one to merge with you. I would be happy to put you into our family chat so that you can get a feel for the place and see what you think.

Hi there ,we are looking for a smaller alliance to merge. Drop me a small Hanniebun#4847 on discord

Hey ratt! I responded earlier in this post about a possible merge. Check us out! RockeyRampage- my discord is laciloulou#0694

@Tikabam88, our alliance is part of the Crew Family of alliances, we can definetelly talk about the merge, hit me up in line @ Wiser27. I have a great group here and we recently had to do some cleanup, we only have active players and competitive but not crazy, I understand that life happens.

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