Potential Mana Control Defense Team

Looking to lvl/create a defense team while I wait for 5* ascension items. Thoughts?

Need at least one or two snipers, your whole defense is average or slow, a good raider will pick apart this team before it does a lot of damage.

So Caedmon and Chao in the place of John and Xi?

I like snipers flanking Ares. Cad for little John, and swap sides with Grimm for Chao. Personally, I like Li better than Grimm for defense. She hits all and much better def stats. Two yellow would not be bad.

Do not use totally unlevelled heroes at all. If you have no highly levelled 4* (other then those shown in your pic), use rather highly levelled 3*.

I agree but I think this was the proposed team when it is leveled, not now. :grinning:

Uhh, hense the word "potential"in the title of the thread :rofl::rofl::rofl:?

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