Potential cheat/loophole - Claiming multiple war chest loot simultaneously

Update: there is a cheat where you can create a new alliance every few weeks and do this as a group of alliances to quickly claim chests whilst fighting much weaker players for 5 points each war.

Hi all,

I’ve come across something interesting during AW and wanted to check some logic with the community.

TLDR: Is the most optimal way to gain ascension items from war chests, by bouncing between alliances to contribute a little to many chests to increase the frequency of a “great” loot drop rather than contribute 100% to find some loot tickets and gems after weeks?

Full details of the question and why I’m asking:

So our opponents have 3/5 co-leaders that joined 8 days ago or less in their alliance and the leader also joined that day.

Seeing that I presume it’s like a spin-off like the 7dd group of alliances (7D condemned…etc) and these guys (who are obliterating us by 700 points after only a few hours), are just here to raise this particular alliance up in ranking, then will move to other ones in the wider group of alliances.

I’m thinking you could contribute 20% to a number of different alliances and open many chests with “great” rewards rather than one every 9-10 wars.

It’s not clear what the% contribution does to your loot but most likely it’s something devastating like giving you 1 gem instead of 5 and only 2 loot tickets, but still a roll at 4* ascension items.

By bouncing between say 3 alliances to get 33% (or whatever is possible close to equal spilt) on each, you might be opening a few extra chests for a single top item roll and just offloading all the junk that’s probably in there.

Best I’ve seen in a single chest so far was 2x 4* ascension item and 1x 3* ascension item. That was one of many I looked at on the main thread for it.

What does everyone think?

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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Once you leave an alliance it zeroes your participation score.

It does not remember you when you return.


Thanks @JonahTheBard - so you lose any contribution you made to a chest entirely? I.e. you get nothing if you contributed at the start then left?

Yep. Some of our leadership move across our alliance family and they lose all their war contributions.

It’s probably designed to stop your exact idea I’m afraid!


There’s just one problem: when you exit the alliance, your participation to the war chest of that alliance is reset.

So you can contribute to 20% of Alliance A, goto to the Alliance B for another 20% and when you go back to the Alliance A, you’lll find that your contribution is now 0%! You rush to return into Alliance B just to find you now have 0% there as well.

I’m placing my bet on staying in the alliance, I doubt the prizes depend on the alliance strength, they should be the same for all. The percentage will probably decide how many rolls you will have (and possibily their “quality”)

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Excellent thanks for clarifying @JonahTheBard

Only way to abuse then is after a claim, bounce to the next that is close to opening a chest and repeat across all.

That must surely work? E.g. “hey get over here, we’re 5 points away from opening”

But 20% participation war chest loot doesnt have ascension mats roll.

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Maybe, but I think the quality of the loot would be awful!

Trying to get 100% is your best bet for getting some useful materials I believe.

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Thanks @Rael same here but just trying to see what effect this has on the game as seems something is not quite right and might need a fix.

Same as mercenary titan fighters. They are penalised their “various” loot from the mundane titan chest every 5 kills, but probably do much better to bounce around hitting only rare titans for more frequency of 4* rolls.

Personally that’s too much work and no fun, but sucks you don’t do as well for enjoying the game as intended

Thanks @JonahTheBard

I doubt the loot is much better for 100% as we constantly see stuff like arrows and pixie dust from rare titans after placing 1st by a few 100k score and no ascension items. Seems like more frequency is better to gain materials.

Interesting to come across though as I think it technically would work joining just before a chest opening.

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I got two rare materials for 80%.

Maybe that was a fortunate first go!

Our next war chest is a few weeks away but I’m hoping for more goodies :wink:

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Interesting! I feel for that guy! Ouch!

Not sure though as we don’t know the logic. Could be the magic number is 35% participation is the same till 85%

Yeah, definitely dont ever attemp it, now that you know :wink: .

Edit : but I think there is more hassle than reward if you want to score more than 20%

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Nice! Gratz man.

We’re 2 points away from ours and I’m 100% on it. Only had 1x 4* item from rare titans (around 9 of em) after being first on nearly all so not getting my hopes up too much but am looking forward to seeing what I get.

Haha don’t worry @koko, i play the game for fun not work :wink:

Hi all, revisiting this one as our very next opponents are following exactly the same MO as the last. I.e. the alliance is full of pro players that all joined only 41 days ago yet somehow have a cross section of heroes from all events including old seasonal ones.

Either matchmaking is bizarrely throwing these two strange opponents up to us randomly or everyone is jumping on the multiple war chest trick.

We have a new player joined just before this last war till we open the chest (24/25) will be interesting to see what they get.

We’re expecting to get thrashed by full benches of maxed teams again but hopefully this is just a random thing and not a new trend to abuse the war chests.

@JonahTheBard - are you able to move or highlight this thread as a bug to be investigated please? I think we confirmed here that you can claim chests far faster using multiple alliances so SG should really investigate as they know how it works and can see if it’s a real thing that might cause problems.

Wars are going to get very tiresome if pros are starting up brand new alliances every week and destroying lower ranked players on their way up. Remember, they can do this infinitely and create a new alliance every few weeks to go back to the easy matches!

Titan loot already gets nerfed for mercs. War chest loot already gets nerfed for mercs. Titan chests have already been taken away from mercs. You really think more needs to be done?

SG already expected this lmao why do you think participation is even counted and resets when a player goes to another alliance or even re enters the same one? Players can chest hop all they want but the loot they get from less than full participation, especially only participation for 1 war, is garbage lol. Let’s just kill this where it lays because all it does is accuse players of abusing a system the way that devs already knew they would and have anticipated

Titan chests give poor “various” rewards whereas rare titans give an extra chance at 4* items. The chest is essentially irrelevant. I’ve no issue with mercs but they get more chances at items than other players as a matter of logic built into the game.

Sure, but after you open a chest, all 30 of you create a band new alliance and you go back to 0 war score and 0/25 on the chest. You then thrash weaker players for 5 rounds and repeat.

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