Potential Bug with Seadragons?

I have played min 60 rounds in this Atlantis Event and didnt get any Seadragons. I need jut one more to fulfil the mission.
It is a bug or just bad luck?

It’s the bad luck bug… :wink:

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Yesterday, I played province 27 hard (except 2:27:10 H) using my loot tickets, and got plenty coins (dragons), but didn`t got single one since I have switched to autofarming normal mode.
One more thing I have noticed - I usually autofarm 1:1:9 N for backpacks, and I keep getting one or even none since this AR (usually it was up to 5 backpacks before). On the other levels of the province 1 it drops more (as usual).

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just bad luck this was mine from last night


Definitely bad luck unfortunately.
I have had about 30 in total for this round of AR. Some from loot tickets and some (about 1/3 or 2/5) of them from me playing regularly, completing Hard missions. I started about Province 10 and am now at about Province 14 or 15. Typically I get about 2 coins from them, or 3. Only once had 10 coins.

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