Potential bug/inconsequence with our boy Thoth


Talking with Fledobble in the topic about Thoth we’ve found something that may be either a bug, inconsequence, or some sort of unintended behavior of Thoth’s minions. I’ve tested them with Wukong and Kiril. It seems that they never benefit from attack buffs, but they do get penalized with Wu’s attack debuff. Fledobble suggested it matters when they spawn (before or after buffing), but I checked and it doesn’t seem to affect their behavior.

Attempt one:

  • Spawned a minion with no buffs on. Hits for 6-8 on a purple wolf.
  • Used Wukong and Kiril. Spawned another one with previous minion present - both hit for 6-8 on the purple wolf.
  • They do miss shots, so the debuff from Wukong does apply to them. Why doesn’t the buff? That looks like an oversight - both the minions miss their hits.

Attempt two:

  • Used Wukong and Kiril before any minions are cast.
  • Summoned a minion which hits 6-8 on a purple wolf.

Don’t know how they would react to enemies in raids or titans that debuff attack as my Thoth will die from a fart and he’s not willing to provide such data anytime soon.


that is how it is . it is not a bug. minions do not get buff. funny that they do get the misses. if minions get wu’s buff think of the crazy damage in total even without minions.


According to Fledobble, they were getting buffed in beta. Considering how all damaging hero skills in game are buffed by attack buffs I don’t see why the minions shouldn’t.

But if it’s a game design decision, then they shouldn’t be affected by debuffs either - hence I think it might be a bug.

Curious actually - are DoTs amplified by damage buffs?


maybe they noticed it would be too powerful if there were 3 more dark character/minions of 15% atk x wu kong buff would make dark tiles hit much too hard.


Like I said - if it’s designed to be like that to be balanced, okay. But then they shouldn’t be missing.

If it’s an oversight and buffs should affect them, then they’re missing fine, but damage isn’t affected.

Something’s oughta give :stuck_out_tongue:


Nothing of substance to add, but…

My Thoth would die from a fart…

Thanks for the Friday chuckle!