Potential bug: giving emblems to a hero during AW

I gave emblems to MN a few hours ago and she went from +9 to +10. She’s now supposed to have 1505 HP, according to her card.

However, in the green bar she still has 1462 HP, which is the amount of HP she began the war with. I’m 100% certain that I have not been attacked in the war yet.

My teammates see the same so it’s not about restarting the app, etc.

The issue I have with this is that the card shows she is +10, but she still has the stats of +9. It would have been fine if she was still at +9 and had the corresponding stats but it’s weird that she is +10 but her HP are lower.

I am not 100% sure it’s a bug, it could be intended behaviour. What do you think? Is that a bug?

Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, this is all I could find on the topic.

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Somebody else had a similar issue, but it is like intended.

The health of a hero on war defense can never be increased after the war started as long as the team isn’t defeated.

It has to do with healing during a battle. Let’s say a team is half down and 3 left, 2 healers and Mother North. Somebody starts a fight and Mum rezzes all and they get healed. After that battle the situation from before will be restored.

The health will increase on respawning only.


Shouldn’t have happened. My GM went from +12 to +13 during this war and the card changed in the same second.

But his health didn’t increase immediately.


From 12 to 13 is attack, not health and updated in the same second.


It only affects health. Other stats can be adjusted by leveling or embleming during war.


From my experience you can’t change a heroes stats on your war defense team after war has begun. Your defense team gets locked in until war is over. At least mine always has been that way.

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@Olmor, are you sure that the other stats can be adjusted during war? The only one that can be seen is the HP one thanks to the green bar (so we know it doesn’t change immediately). But there is no way to see if the attack and defence of a hero has increased, is there (unless one of the opponents attacks you and takes a screenshot of your hero’s stats)?

Is it possible that none of the stats actually change immediately after you give emblems to a hero, e.g. from +1 to +5? The card shows what the stats should be but we can’t be certain that the stats correspond to the card.

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It’s not a bug

She’ll go to full health upon respawn

It would screw everything up if we could literally give a hero health especially for teams that have already been hit, it would allow for double points for same damage

Working as intended…

All other stats increase real time

And even health cap increases in real time

When you emblem health, you’re increasing the health cap and the starting amount of health, not the current amount if that makes sense


The HP did not change because unlike attack/defenae, HP is tied to available points. It will only be resetted once the defense got destroyed.


Just to add on, if you look at the image, you can see that she is not full health. That’s because her cap increased. Follows what @Rigs said.

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