Potent Mana Potions

Two request concerning mana potions.

  1. Please make ‘Potent’ mana potions. There is a Potent healing potion, but none for mana.
  2. Please change ‘midnight root’ from one of the mana potions, either from regular or major.

With all the new challenges it is difficult to keep enough of either potion stocked. Many of the challenges require our vanilla hero’s to be heavy emblemed, which the 5 star heros are difficult to max.

Thank you

It’s interesting, and I also have struggle with mana pots.

Your idea is interesting if for titans for example, you dropped a few tiles to charge your heroes’ mana to 25% and the pots would give you 75% more.

I’ve been considering stopping crafting all bomb attacks and all scrolls just to keep all my roots for mana pots.

Alchemy lab and Atlantis rising are the best sources for replenishing manas. But even then it is not enough, if you use them heavily in titan hits and also in events.
So I would back any initiative that increases the frequency of mana, as without them you will always be giving a sub-optimal performance

With all the events and having to share midnight roots it is difficult to keep enough in stock.
If you get bad RNG, then farming doesn’t give enough. If I farm a sector that shows midnight roots, I might get 1 out of 7 tries.

I am surprised that this isn’t a big thing with folks and I’ve never understood whey they seem to have omitted the equivalent of the Potent Heatlh/Mana potion.

E&P is based on a economy of scarcity. Any battle item you find especially useful will have one or more elements that you can never find enough of.

Also see: Hardwood lumber (dragon attacks + axe attacks) and crude iron (arrows).

Even stuff you think you have tons of can quickly be exhausted whenever a new feature is introduced (see: strong rope, now in perpetual shortage thanks to Hero Academy).

The only thing you can really do about it is save up all your WE flasks for Atlantis Rising and farm, farm, farm.