Posts older than 1 month cant be edited

im having an issue: i cant edit my posts older than a month.


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Only Admin board can change the post edit time limit to more then 1 month.
Source: Discourse board.

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so an admin changed it?


All toppics that don’t have a reply for 1 month are automatically closed.
So my guess that is the same for post older than a month

if it is, its new :slight_smile:

I thought it was 2 months


Discussion of edits, wiki and spam
instead of the default of two months ( linky, linky)

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I’m sorry, my mistake, I mean admin changed from default to other set, in this case they change to 1 month limit.
And only admin board can change that rules.

We can then only request to admin board for changing back to 2 month time limit or so if possible.

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Closing a topic is different than making a reply/ original post unable to edit.

Bug topics automatically close after 1 month of no reply.


Click for notes

Archive versus Close

Great cosmic power, itty bitty living space

Bad topic, No biscuit



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