Posts in global chat and alliance issue

Nope, friends frm other alliance’s can’t see my posts, no1 sees my posts, bt in global got 2 alliance members too check my posts are not showing up,

Bt everything shows up in alliance chat

Does anybody know if he is banned maybe?
I always thought you cannot get into game anymore but maybe this is also a kind of ban that you cannot play in an alliance and cannot chat to anybody?
possible? Don’t you get a message?

I’m not sure, but any issues with game chat or possible bans have to be addressed by contacting Support.

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Haven’t been banned, as I can post in global jst no1 can see me, whn on 7 day ban, I couldn’t post at all in global

It said I left my alliance, not kicked, which is the odd thing, phone was left in game on charge, was lucky we noticed b4 war started and got me bk in

Taken not long after doing up date, 1 frm my phone one frm the mrs

Sounds like you need to contact support, like has been suggested. You could also try a slower room to see if your messages are being missed - Global gets pretty crazy - easy to miss messages there.


Iv made a complaint, and it’s not the speed thts an issue in global, its my post are not visible at all

Better remove your real name and e-mail address @Anthonyoutlaw5150
@zephyr1…can you remove it until Antony can update this pic with blackened personal data? THX my dear


Moderator’s Note

Per #forum-rules, private correspondance with SG is prohibited from being posted on the Forum:


If you’ve already contacted SG via ticket, then you’re doing everything that can be done. Good luck! I hope they’re able to resolve this for you quickly.

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Why can’t I delete the piss in here

Um…what did you mean to ask with this message? Are you asking how to delete posts? Pictures?

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The whole post was wht I wanted too remove

The whole thread? I can lock it for you, if you’d like. Threads can’t be deleted in Discourse (although they can be hidden by mods, if there’s a compelling reason to do so).

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I have been given my reason for why I can’t post, so not much point in the post any more


Closed per OP’s request, given that they have gotten a response from support.