Posts in global chat and alliance issue

I’m not sure if it’s jst me or an issue with game, bt after yesterday whn game said I left alliance, whn I hadn’t hit leave, I’m bk in alliance posts in alliance are working, bt everyone I’d normally talk to in global dnt seem too be seeing my posts

Iv posted in global asking if anyone can see my posts too no response

Game removed me from my alliance yesterday morning, ever since all week end iv been posting in general global chat, and members I normally talk too dnt seem too be seeing my posts, as iv been saying hi all week end with no response

How do you know they didn’t just kick you?

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Because I was logged in game my partner was keeping an eye on game, and it said on chat I’d left the allice, now I wouldn’t do tht I made the alliance, and now it’s like my posts arnt being seen by friends I normally talk to in global chat

May be they are busy or are ignoring you?


Maybe accidently hit the red button to leave…

Anyway you can always re-request to join the alliance and message them there and see what happens

You probably ought to submit a support ticket then. That sounds very unusual.

Here’s how to do that:

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I’m bk in alliance, no one hit the leave button, phone was on charge, I was asleep and Mrs was sorting out the kids flicked the main screen on grounds so it would log out, she came bk thr too it saying I’d left the allice, we’ve had it happen with other members aswell in afew month

I never asked for support jst woundering whts going on with the game, why I was removed frm alliance, and why my posts seem invisible in global

No one here will be able to tell you, because we’re all just players like you. There’s no general problem with the game. This seems to be an account-specific issue. So contacting support would be the only way to get information and assistance about this particular problem.

Also, why did you title the thread “connection issues?” Are you also having difficulty connecting?

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I posted here too see if any1 else had the same problem

Wasn’t sure whr too post, as not sure if it jst me or a proper problem

My friend received a msg that he left the alliance and he created the alliance. He checked and he was there. It was only a wrong msg. This happened today

I was completely out had too reply too get bk in now seems like whn I post in global no1 sees my posts, as iv been saying hi too friends bt getting no response, yet see them respond too others, this is a problem if my posts cant be seen as I’m the one tht recruits

Iv even posted in global asking if anyone can see my posts too no response

Please don’t open multiple threads on the same issue

I posted 1st as general, 2nd as an bug issue, didn’t do it on purpose

Didn’t do 2 on purpose

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This is becoming a jk, sorry iv been posting too recruit and my posts show as iv posted bt no1 even my alliance members can see my post in global

I wonder if your friend accidentally blocked you? You can’t see posts from people you block

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