Post Your Event Scores (Guardians of Teltoc)

Screenshot the stage screen for each tier & post :slight_smile:
I’ll post mine as completed & update if I get a decent score.

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I played one stage of Legendary just to get a score and my free Summon Token for participating, but my heroes are too weak to beat the whole Tier.

I was halfway through Rare yestwrday when I noticed this (hence the screenshot…lasts longer lol)

And this afternoon (NZ time)


Ha okay so not great, but since all I was after was the completion rewards, I’m still pretty proud I was able to finish at all (without spending any gems either). This was actually my first time finishing intermediate and advanced without gems, and I did it without a single character maxed, or even on their last tier lol. Goes to show that it’s possible to complete these events, even without 4T heroes.

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