Post your Event Scores (Fables of Grimforest)



If you don’t mind competition :wink:

This way, others can know what scores to strive for, which stages to redo.

Here are mine :yum: Not close to top scores, as I don’t yet have a good roster of blues, yet.

This is probably a laughable request, but worth a shot :slight_smile:


Why a laughable request? I compare my scores usually with others in the events too, I see no problem putting them on the forums either.

Sorry, just noticed this is an old post, I thought the timing was a bit off :wink:


Ok let’s see 'em! :grin:
A single screenshot per difficulty may work, depending on your screen size.
I’ll post mine & edit/replace if I bump up in rank tier.

I will also update the title to reflect only this event.



Okay, so it’s the not Top 100…however this my best score so far since I started playing back in February. I’m pretty happy to get this far :slightly_smiling_face: