Post your alliance war rewards

I’m curious what the odds of getting something good are, so could those of you collecting data share it?
Something like:

Out of X members reporting, we got Y 3* mats and Z 4* mats. We won / lost. Our alliance has N points.
(the points don’t need to be precise, something like 120K is fine)

Unfortunately, I’ve missed the post-war chat in my alliance, so I can’t contribute.

From Misfit Toys, here’s mine:

Here are a few others:

During War 1, a player posted a pic of getting a Damascus Blade, so I know ascension material is possible. :slight_smile:

Thanks @Rook, but I was hoping people are collecting data from the entire alliance. We need a much larger sample size to gauge the odds.

Absolutely. But I post what’s been posted. Gotta start somewhere.

waits for everyone else to post :wink:

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There were others in the alliance that reported orbs, capes, and shields but have no screenshots. I think at least 4 or 5 got goodies. About like Titan kills really.

Not impressive…but at least my cool snowman pic gets shown…lol

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Here are my 2 from the most recent AW.

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Thank you all for the effort, but in this way I don’t think we’ll find out what I was interested in. Having the rewards counted at alliance level and then posted here would’ve been better.

Anyway, what I hoped to find out is this:

  1. Are the rewards better for higher ranked alliances? (I.e. if the alliance ranked #5 wins, and also the alliance ranked #5,000 wins, will the members of alliance #5 have better chances for unfarmable ascension materials than the members of the #5,000 alliance?)

  2. How much lower are the odds of the losing alliance compared to the winning alliance? (again, unfarmable mats matter; the rest, for something you’ll get twice a week, is practically junk)

I was top scorer 300 pts+ and mine looked like the top one with a 1* trainer… other scored 68 points recived an epic troop summons. Lot of effort abd hype for so little payout

yeah…same junk here

I’m not sure if this has been mentioned already but I’ve been thinking that they might be keeping the loot modest until aw has gone through a few runs and gets tweaked a few times. If the loot was awesome players would really be upset if they feel like they lost out because of unbalanced or misunderstood mechanics (e.g. using 1* heroes on defense). Or maybe that’s wishful thinking…


My first war, very small alliance of four members on each alliance. The opposing team only took 2 teams into battle:

I am content with, lol. Trap tools are always appreciated…

I’m going to preface this by saying 1) I really like what they’ve done with alliance wars, and 2) I do not ever complain on here about anything, but the winning rewards for AW are really, really bad. For the level of effort we put in to win (110k+ alliances facing off) it was just awful. And it doesn’t have to be ascension mats, boost the epic level tokens and trainer heros way up and it’ll really make a difference. We’re all trying to get higher level guys we can use in this thing.

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Can you admins fix the alliance war matchmaking,so far last 3 or 4 fights was bad.if we have 10 players about over 3000 power ,than oponents have 20.why so f…macthmaking?