Post your Alliance War matches and results here. (Vids welcomed)

As we have plenty of other threads for ys to post our results in I thought having one for wars could be fun.

Tried searching for one but couldn’t find one for wars.

Mine today was medioka using mono teams.
Our opponents are far stronger than us with 4000tp being their weakest team and 4500tp strongest.

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Good idea but could be merged into “let’s see them youtube video thread”
Love that thread

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I’m a vid guy most times so that’s just me though but I thought having one just for alliance wars could be fun

Well played board sucked on that last one for yah! Yeah a separate war n a raid one could be good, but you know how they don’t like clutter :joy:

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Yes that last one was quite a disappointing board.

They can merge if they need to, they get the final say after all.

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