Post ur Offense Team

We all can see other’s players defense team. But no offense.

I don’t have just one offense team; I shape my team based on what’s against me.

That said, I often use this one:

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Do u prefer Marjana instead of Elena? For attack

Here is mine, it is defense as well currently. Work in progress.

They slice, the dice and everything in between…I’d go to war with these misfits any time anywhere…

Pretty much every time. It’s fun. I have zero fast hitters. Killing Guinevere tanks with it is the most fun.

Yes. Marj’s strong single hit can blow out a hole in the opposing line, which is critical to letting me ghost tiles for mana. Also, I don’t have Elena…

Merlin + Hell is so much fun.

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How much damage does Merlin actually inflict with his special ? Or rather the hero that strikes a member of the same team…I have him to lvl60 and toyed with him a few times, and it seems to me that his only advantage is forcing the opponent to discharge their special anywhere else other than your team…

That’s pretty much it, the strength of the mindless attack depends purely on who the target is, and its just a standard attack, but seeing them waste a mana charge is satisfying, as well as buying you some time. On top of that, the damage part of Arcane Blast is pretty strong, for a 4* hero.

Yeah, thought so…Personally, I get a bigger kick out of watching Peters (he hits so hard) smack them with a hard hit AND forcing them to stay out of the game (suppress their specials) for 3 turns while I let it rain… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah I’ve had a lot more use out of Peters than Merlin, but if you end up with some spare trap tools he’s totally worth maxing.

I want a 5* silencer released more than anything.

Thats exactly it. And thats simply great.

A fast mana huge damage dealer can kill the opponent before shoot his/her special, but he can waste it even on a full health hero.

Can you share his max stats card ? I wonder how he stacks up with Peters, never thought about it until now as they’re both on my back burner…


Interesting…Looks like C.B.Peters packs a slightly bigger punch with a slightly weaker defense (but more HP points)…Might just come down to a matter of preference I guess…

You’re telling about special skill right? Because Merlin has more Attack and defense, so when you say Peters has slightly bigger punch it should be just for special

Yes Sr. I should’ve clear that up… :slight_smile:


I have Merlin maxed and don’t use him at all for raiding. His special is very effective, when it times right. From my experience, you either kill the hero in time or you eat its special. Very rarely do I have the Average mana Merlin charged in time to eat the special I need to avoid. Usually by the time he is charged I’ve already won or lost the raid. I use Peters instead. Fast mana, similar special (silence is just as good as full drain if they die before the silence runs out)

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My raid team is Jackal, Joon, Peters, BoldTusk, and Kiril.

With Jackal very fast mana, he can be charged with two matches. One more match and Joon is ready to deliver his payload to a target. Most often Jackal and Joon charge at the same time and together they can snipe anybody you need. Tank? gone… Alberich? Gone.

Boards that spawn nothing but purple tiles make me cry however…

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I have similar, Joon, Kiril, Nat, Rigard, Caed

Joon and Caed can take out anyone. Activate Kiril and it gets ugly.

Nat is nice to hit a hard target and stay away from that with tiles.

Has been working well. I am finally getting the hang of things.

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I have Merlin, but not Peters. I don’t use Merlin in raid offence simply because I have better options, but he tags along in aw and works okay (medium speed is a drawback, but seeing Guinevere waste her special is always priceless :)).

Merlin is good in intermediate events, where his special is useful in boss fights. And lastly, he has good value against holy titans, where he is my number 3/4 dark.