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OK, the quests (aside from rare and gems) and getting really old, and quite frankly are just never done by higher level players. So, we need some new uncommon and rare quests! Here are my ideas for new ones:

Trainer quest, which gives trainer heros. This could easily be done in 3 levels, common, uncommon, and rare.

Flask quests. I know they occasionally give a raid flask in one of the quests, but how about an uncommon quest that is ONLY flasks, with the hardest being a titan one? Super easy way to kind of juice the ascension material drops a bit without doing much, because more titans would be falling.

Rare Atlantis coin and Token quest. Make this one SUPER hard, like 6 stages with a killer boss, but the reward is an Epic hero token and 10 Atlantis coins.

Who’s got some more ideas, we need new quests!

Cowboys and Indians! Wyatt, Doc Holiday, Billy the Kid, Lone Ranger, Jesse James, Frank James, etc…
Horror Movies! PinHead, Chucky, Scream, Freddy, Leatherface, Jason, Pennywise, etc…
Star Wars! Vader, Luke, Han, Leia, Chewy, Wicket, R2D2, C3PO, Boba Fett, etc…

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Avengers Quests!!! Avengers Heroes!!! lol

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This is one of the best ideas I’ve heard in awhile. The actual quests are a good idea. The weird themes people are coming up fit in even worse than the season 2 heros

Not gonna do it. Would have to buy the rights

We definitely need quests for ascension materials like compass, orbs of magic, fine gloves etc which are very difficult to obtain. Most quests are for items that we can easily find or get in useless amounts just playing the game.

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They have rare quests for those items.

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I get the rights for the star wars and horror movie characters may get pricey but the Cowboys and Indians idea may be something that would be doable. Seeing they are part of history much like Arther, Lancalot and that group.

What about Norse gods?

Boy are you in for a treat next month.

I also propose this :wink:

  • Quest “Collect Atlantis Coins” (Like collect gems) :
    3 Stages with Atlantis Coins

  • Quest “Recruit Troups” (Because there are not enough solutions to improve our troops)
    Stage 1 : 3 troup 1* (random color)
    Stage 2 : 2 troup 2* (random color)
    Stage 3 : 1 Epic Troup Token

  • Quest “Surprise !” (I love good surprises)
    Stage 1 : 3 random items 1*
    Stage 2 : 3 random items 2*
    Stage 3 : 2 random items 3* and 1 4* (dragon bone, … etc)

Others propositions :


Don’t threaten me with a good time! Now I’m all giddy thinking about what it will be!

So the quest came up…and I’ve seen it before. Boss Wolf, Rumple, Hansel and Gretel…ho hum. Good heros but nothing new. Is that the big surprise?

We’re expecting a Halloween seasonal event with Vampire special heroes available later this month.

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Two events in a one month span?!? That would be nice.

There’s the regular rotating monthly event, and, so far, four big seasonal or holiday events, occurring once a year each. So far they are:

  1. Spring/Easter: Springvale, with bunnies.
  2. Summer: Sand Empire with chess pieces made of sand.
  3. Autumn/Fall/Halloween: Leaks suggest it is Return to Morlovia, with vampires.
  4. Winter/Christmas: Save the Winter. Last year there were no new seasonal heroes for this one, but I would be surprised if there wasn’t anything new next time round for the Winter event.
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Rare quests:
Atlantis coin: 5 levels to collect atlantis coin: 30 in total. (3 lvls)

Trainers : get trainer heroes random color. The last lvl give a 3* trainer (3 lvls)

Epic quest: rarer quest (very very hard, only 1 or 2 per month, for true experts)

ascension v2 : give extra rare or epic ascension items than rare quest. Last lvl give a hero token. (6 lvl)

Invocation quest: to get some tokens and loot tickets. The last lvl give one or two hero token (chances to get a 5*a are very low) (4 extreme lvls)

specials: give a bunch of rare/epic goodies: gems, tokens, trainers, ascension, flasks, loot tickets, attlantis coin. (10 lvl)

gems +++ : a total of 75 gems to win in 5 extreme lvls

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I was on about Aegir actually, but I didn’t have the heart to tell you afterwards that it wasn’t really gonna be anything great.

Gotcha…well I pulled him and so far he’s pretty cool as long as you have another blue with you. I put him and Graderius and Khiona together and with Boldtusk and Sonnya and they make a solid team.

Has there been vampires before? I haven’t seen any that I recall since I’ve been playing. Does that mean they’re not that good or are they that rare?

No idea how good the bloodsuckers will be in their final form. They’re brand new as of the upcoming 22nd, so nobody knows what the final stats will be yet. If they match the leaks from beta, probably nice to get.

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