Post important updates via the in-game messaging system


Like the IOS one. That seems vital to players on such devices, most of whom will not see it on the forums or read it on Google play or whatnot. I think news like this (or introduction of new big game features) would benefit from being delivered through the in-game message system.


Thanks for the suggestion, we will discuss this here. However, one thing to keep in mind, we don’t want to spam our users via the in-game messaging system.

From now one, we will make sure to send notifications of the released updates. We have also added a new announcement section to our FAQ page:


Aye, I mean only the crucial things. Some device is no longer supported X time from now, an update is up in the store, stuff like that :slight_smile:

Just thinking of the players who open the game and don’t look beyond that. Would be nasty for them to one day just not be able to play and have no clue what happened. That’s all.

Thanks for your consideration!


Maybe even tailoring thus message to those running the ios


The in game message box doesn’t get a whole lot of use anyway, so I think sending us important information in there would be a great idea and quite honestly what I thought the message box was used for in the first place.