Post images (or write) of your best teams & heroes here!

Post images of your best teams here. They could be defence teams, titan battle teams or your best raid teams.

Not the “best” but my favourite attacking team:

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That does look like a totaly mean 4* team, not going up against you anytime soon.:hushed:


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First time I have come across this hero. Thought I would share. Anyone have max stats and other info?

There you go :slight_smile: supplied by :slight_smile:
It’s an event hero from guardians of Teltoc, and usually regarded as not that good.

Thank you 7dd. But he looks ssssooooooo totally awesssssssoooome. Come on sg give these poor legends some power!!!:sunglasses: I’d have him just for the way he looks.

I’ve got a soft spot for Layla. It took me a long time to complete my 3* lineup with a purple, so she hung on for several weeks after jeneh, Olaf and co were given the sack.

Her knife throwing special was pretty effective, and she seems like she’d be more fun at a party than most of the others.

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Nothing wrong with layla, I started with her on my first team. She can Pack a punch not to mention her fast mana recharge. shes a great 2 2*.