Post if u get Aeron and how

Hey man, i made some saturday summonings with fire elementals. ■■■■ i got lousy heroes. I got like one hundred Nashgars, Octozillion Hawkmoons and motherload of Azars… i was beaten to the very ground… but then this game gave me a treat. Bonusround occured and Aeron came to light my fire baby! :smiley:

I was hunting for rabbits, but I really wanted him. Got 2 Areons, but only squire wabbit fir 4x10 pulls and 7 epic summon tokens

I really wanted a 5* purple healer, FYI

I have rabbit infestation in my castle… i have two squire wabbits. I really didn’t want him at first, but i now i have two… which is nice :slight_smile:

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I got him trying a 10-pull for Lepus. I swear, I just can’t land that dagnab wabbit.


I got him by doing a 300 gem pull. I was aiming a 5 star red elemental summon. got instead a 3 star and him. But i got the Elena after at TC20 after 4 pulls since i started using Tc20 so it was a good day today.

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So I just got a second Aeron from a single summon pull… WTH !!? The first one cost me an arm and a, mmm foot?

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Got him second day in…did 2 x single epic pulls. Got Jack O’Hare first then got Boril and Aeron

Single elemental draw (yellow)

Was pretty pissed off when Dawa popped up first. I was hoping for Joon!

I have a second one now. NO idea what to do with him…

Did 4 x10 event pulls and got two Aerons

single event pull.

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Did a x10 event pull for Avalon and got him


same as DMP
Aeron and Morgan le Fay


@AnjaValkyrie Congratz! I really wanted Merlin but as a consolation prize finally got some 4* defense down heroes so not totally a fail.

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uhh…I bought some gems and got some heroes.

:wink: to be more specific (which is what I think you’re asking for) I did 3x10 pulls, on the 3rd 10x, I got two Aerons.


I got him on a 1x epic pull along with graymane. Was much happier about Aeron than the rabbid doggy.

Aeron feasted well on dog that night.


Nah. But Kiril said it went down with a nice brew even if it was a bit gamey. :wink:


This game is a really random thing… I made 86 pulls to get an event 5* and got nothing… instead I got Justice, Leônidas, another Azlar and SIX Aeron!!!

Edit: OMG I hadn’t noticed Lianna!! Now I guess it was really worthy :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I spent $ 320 to get aeron, 2x Merlin and Lancelot… itd joke. No Morgana, no Arthur, no Guinewra

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