Post if u get Aeron and how

Post here if u get the new HotM and how u get it. (x1, x10, elemental,…)

Good luck

I’m also curious to know…

Got 2 Aerons from a 10x epic (not elemental) pull cause i wanted a rabbit.

2 as bonus pulls from one 10 x elemental pull about 15 minutes after the new HoTM changed.

I did three epic hero pulls and got him in the third.

5 x10

That’s what it took for me…

Second of 2 individual pulls yesterday for epic hero (not elemental)


Is he available in just the epic summon or is he available in the elemental as well?


I got my two from a 10 x elemental pull.

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Thanks that answers my question.

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Got one from the Easter event golden token (Berden 3* + Aeron).

I got Aeron on a 300gem blue elemental Pull. The Blue one was Gunnar:/

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pretty good bonus prize for getting Gunnar…

i used an epic hero token for mine.

I pulled 10 elemental summons yesterday, and 3 epic summons today… no aeron for me. Worth mentioning: rigard, wu kong, two chao and two squire wabbits

Got aeron from my first epic chest (double pull)

10x pull on elemental (nature)…would rather have pulled Liliana :-/ I don’t currently have a use for Aeron.

My husband got him with a 10 pull blue.

Two of my ally mates got him, one in 10xepic pull (did several, at least 20 pulls total, before the one he got Aeron with)
Other one with third single epic pull done with gems.

Got 2, 1 from 10x and 1 from single pull, (did another 2 10x pulls and in one of then only 3* heroes). No heroes 5* in my 10th 10x on this game but HOTM Aeron (2) and Dalilah (1). No more $$ to SG.

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