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The chart above is excellent for base heroes. If you have leveled a hero up and are considering feeding, you can see how much EXP it will add, by selecting a hero to level up and then selecting the hero you’re considering, it will then show how much EXP this will add. As the original reply mentions, it’s different if the element is the same versus being different, so a single value on the hero card would not tell the whole story.


DAWA” Zero calorie hero supplement…

I LOL’ed at your topic title. Before reading, I thought you jokingly meant you wanted her to be worth more as a feeder than other 3*s, because you pull so many of her, and will never level any of them. Now THAT’s an idea I’d vote for!

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Let see who’ll be laughing after they release an insane Dawa costume (jk she’ll probably still be meme status).