Possibly looking for new alliance - 3 players

The other 2 aren’t as strong as mine, with less 5* hero’s, but they can put up 6 teams for the war and always play daily

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Thanks for the replies, I will check you all out :joy: and get back to you.
Oh by the way we are UK based
Thanks again

Send me a friend request on Discord. I think it will work out

Sent you a request
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Hello. Please check us out we have three spots available after kicking non active members. We are a good friendly alliance. Well established. Good team players. Have lots of fun and consider outside family stuff too so not blinkered to what goes on outside of the game. We have players of all levels and we can deffo provide a learning environment if that’s what you need. Players are from the U.K. and USA etc. Please check us out … Holy Wolves … thanks. Any questions please shout up

That’s a tough request. I’ve seen over 4.1k but never over 3000k. That makes me have to :hankey:

Okay then 3k+ is that better :grinning:


Check out Poseidon’s warriors. We have 5 spots open. We hit 7 and 8 star titans. We have a great team of people we chat and help each other out. All of us are active I’m war and titans

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Come check out Titans Cry. 3000 tp. All active players. Excellent teamwork and helping each

One more option if you’re still looking… Have Fun: Kill Titans (see screen shot below). We are very active and fight 7-8 star titans. We have 4 open spots for your crew of 3! We’re saving one spot for one of our top members who wanted to take a break from the game and will be back in a few weeks. So, if the 3 of you come then we will be full!!

If you’re still looking we have spots open in “the brute squad” hitting 9* titans and we are all active in wars! anyway best of luck with your decision have a good one

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The Logging Jacks have a mix of top 100 players and a few developing ones. Super chill, kinda nerdy, older and more mature with some spicy (adult) content.lots of fun and no drama. Have spots for all three as we just cut loose 3 inactive players. We’d love to have ya!

Come join cream of the crop!

Thanks to all that rep!ied, you all look like great alliance’s and you’ve given me something to think about.
Big decisions


Hi come check out our alliance, we kick dead weight immediately. We have 10 openings for active players we range lvl wise from 58 to 15. We want people to grow with.

Our alliance name is Titan Killers GB sorry about that.

Hi @Reaper3 just pointing out the OP is 23 days old… I’m thinking the original poster @Marie1 has found a good home by now … Maybe.

I could be wrong?

The Return of the King… Come check us out. We have 100% participation in war and we all hit the titans. We are mainly mid level players who came from different alliances and welcome all who want to learn and play the game. My line ID is msduckychick if you’re interested. Thanks! Have a good day.

Why don’t you join us @Marie1
Check here: T.F.C. Titan Fight Club, T.F.C. Vol 2 and T.F.C. Treasure Island are looking for YOU [6 places available in main alliance]

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