Possibly Incorrect Scores on Leaderboard in 49th Raid Tournament (3* Bloody Battle, No Nature/Green)

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What’s the issue?

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I thought, this is already known but did not find any bug report on a first look.
I realized as well that there are players with more points than should be possible by now. That happened in tournaments before, though a while ago. With 10/10 wins and A grade defense max points should be some 63xx.

Could the difficulty bonus give enough bonus points to make up the difference? I have to admit I don’t really pay attention to the teams at the top

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It 100% can/does

I refuse to emblem my 3* so I get matched with much much lower teams at the start and thus have much lower points. I still have no problem getting 1% and 5% loot every 3* tournament


I think there might indeed something wrong with those points at the top. I have 9 out of 10 wins right now and A defense, which sums up to some 5500 points. :thinking:
Also the difference between position 1 and 2 is suspicious as are the unemblembed teams in the top spots.

you look at her defense team no emblem full1​:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Yeah, that doesn’t matter. Matching looks at your entire roster of eligible heroes. Not just your defense. This makes sure you cant game the system.

Again, this is totally normal and not a bug.

The point values are not nornal. 7700 points after D2 is only possible if they average 680 points per attack but points for 3* teams never reach 600.

This was a pretty common issue some months ago but they fixed it. Seems bug is back with v28.

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I am sure that those points are incorrect in some way. Looks like some players got some extra flags. :thinking:

Allow me to tag @Petri and @KiraSG.
Could you please check and confirm whether those results are due to some extra flags like a known bug some months ago or if everything is correct as is.

Moderator’s Note

I’ve asked the Small Giant Staff to investigate the current Leaderboard scores.

There have been several occasions previously where incorrect numbers were displayed and fixed. This may be a similar case.


They don’t have full emblems nor troops

Glad they’re looking into this because it is definitely a bug. At the end of yesterday (before defense bonuses) the top tournament score was 2,621 (before defense bonus points were applied). If that person got an A defense, they would end up with 3,521 points at that point. If they won all 5 matches again they would get pretty close to another 2,621 points again (plus or minus a couple but not much). That would mean the top player should have very close to 6,142 points today.

Unless they changed it (i did not see a change log) they only look at top5 heroes not the whole roster.

Bump because it was still not fixed. Max points at this time should be about 15x530+2x900=9750, leader has 700 more than that.

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Any answer on this issue from staff yet? :thinking:

This is not me saying you’re wrong or anything as I genuinely have no clue so it’s more of a question…
But is 530 definitely the max score per offense? Was this confirmed somewhere? Maybe this has increased with the new heroes from S3 being stronger?

It should be around 530, I fought a lot of +100 teams and never went above it. I don’t think anyone ever reported it either.
But even if you assume S3 heroes being worth more points than costumed S1 ones and maxed troops, I find it extremely unlikely that the point value would rise above 550 at which point the max would be 300 points higher, still 400 lower than the leaderboard score.
Also this is the MAX value, there is no way someone gets matched 15 times against only teams worth 550 points. It’s just not statistically possible (and the leader was not the only one with an absurd score).


Yes, please take a look at the scores here if you can. Something is happening that is beyond the points possible.

I just heard back that they’re investigating this now.


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