Possible Xmas Family Minion Bug

I noticed just now that the only minions that receive the family bonus are on my Mother North and Krampus. The other heroes receive minions without the bonus.

The question is obviously why minions would vary at all if the stats are inherited from the caster.

Bug? Weird interpretation of “inherited from caster”? I get it’s a family bonus, and my other heroes aren’t in the family.

For Drake Fong, one of the minions came from MN, which is 10% of 1577 so 157 hp.
The other minion came from Krampus, which is 10% of 1717

For Krampus, it’s 15% of MN (236) and his own HP (257)

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The minion bonus only applies to thise who are a part of the Christmas Family. So, Mother North, and Krampus for example would only have their minions boosted while the other heroes aka non Christmas heroes, will not have the boosted minion stats. And it’s working in game as intended

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Ok. I just read “inherited from the caster” literally. If the caster had X HP, I figured the others would inherit exactly that in any situation. They clearly don’t in this case if the caster has a family bonus. They inherit HP pre-bonus.

Thanks for the replies.

They get a bonus to their own minions (the ones protecting them personally), not ones they cast on others. It does mean that they get the bonus from all minions on them like those from Noor and Bera for example.


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