Possible war bug

I’m not sure if it’s a bug but I wanted to share a story about last war our alliance had. We are average alliance around 138-140k power, our war power was around 430k during last matchmaking. I didn’t check the game just after our enemy was revealed but other members told me that war power of our opponent was also around 430k. We entered preparation phase and then strange things started to happen. Members of the other alliance started the exodus up to the point when 3h before the start of the war they had only 8 members left. Their alliance power and war power dropped significantly below 100k each. Then around 1h before the war their members started to come back. Eventually we faced almost full squad of 29 enemies despite the fact that 21 of them left the alliance at some point after the matchmaking. All in all they destroyed us during the war - more than 1,5k point differential. It’s pretty obvious that they were much stronger than they appeared. What’s even funnier, now their alliance have only one member - lvl 4 with 0 cups. To be honest I’m not sure what to think about this situation but many members of our alliance our pretty pissed and suspect some foul play. I couldn’t find anywhere if it’s possible to leave alliance after the matchmaking and then come back just before the war and still participate? Our alliance would be grateful for any insight or thoughts about this situation. :wink:

Hmm. sounds to me not like a bug but as they hacked the game…maybe you send a ticket to SG incl. some screen-shots as proof. Don’t know if they got appropriate log-files when knowing alliance name only…

@Petri, maybe this is a seriouse issue if your game was really hacked. When people can manage to come back to war after matchmaking has finished it looks like something is abnormal…

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I’m afraid I don’t have any screenshots myself but I’ll ask other members of our alliance.

I have the name of the alliance we faced though.

Please open a ticket at support-team. Share pictures if one of you alliance mates got and share name of alliance in any case…don’t think that SG will discuss this here…

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Thanks for help mate :wink:

I’ll do it exactly the way You said it. Just need to figure out how do I open a ticket at support team first :joy: Any advice?

No prob…try this :slight_smile:How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)
or directly in the game->settings->support

This path I actually know :wink: thx once again @Sorsha I’ll try contact SG directly with this case.

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This is currently happening with our opponent. They started to leave after matchmaking and are now all back. Perhaps something changed in the update that was not revealed in the release notes? Till now I thought it was only chest percentage that had changed.

It looks like my alliance is facing the same thing, after the matchmaking the enemies had 19 members, now they are 26 and who knows how many they will be when the war starts!?
If SG let them participate in the war, then matchmaking, alliances and alliance wars all loose its meaning in the game as that part is about staying faithful to your teammates!
Otherwise we could just hire a bunch of Russian hackers to hack the game and give us a win… Because it would be as fair as letting people who join an alliance after matchmaking participate in wars!

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Judge is in my alliance and yes this is happening.

Currently war score is 452k theirs 438k. They were as low as 250k at one stage.

We will see how many are on the field.

Currently people can leave an alliance after matchmaking and return prior to war (i.e. leave during the prep phase). This allows for titan merging or general socializing. The point is that their team was considered in the matching, so they can participate in the war. A player not in the matching phase cannot participate.

I assume it works the same as Titans … we will check

Then why the ■■■■ don’t SG announce this in the notes on updates?! This has not been possible before (I know from experience) and I can’t find anything on this in any of the update notes!!!

No, now they can just scrap the alliance wars or maybe even the alliance part at all as this is just a BS move! Now there is no reason why you should be faithful to your teammates and stay in an alliance, just join up for wars and the rest of the time just roam general chat and mercing… What kind of ■■■■■■■ alliance is that???

Thanks @Kerridoc for the clarification.

Like @JudgeGnav said it should have been mentioned in the notes on update and underlined.

It’s a major change when it comes to war mechanics and in my opinion not a good one. Those sudden movements before the war create chaos and confusion and somehow they make the general idea of the alliance less meaningful.

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