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Can there be a possibility of winning or unlocking a new builder instead of paying for them? I mean we practically paying for everything else already. Or maybe unlocking a time reduction capsule of some sort to be able to reduce the building/production times of our buildings? Anyway, just a thought from a newbie.

Lol this is SG. No free stuff here…


Good thoughts deserve a vote.


Why? It only takes about 4 years of continuous work for one builder to get all buildings up to max. After that it stands idle with nothing to do, except the ocasional 10 seconds conversions. SG doesn’t seem in a hurry to release new building upgrades, so having a second builder is mostly worthless… as for some time reduction device, it feels like cheating to all of us that bult our strongholds at nominal speed, over years.

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Free second builder, even on occasions, would be very useful for attracting new players. Granted, older players have less and less use for him. The only way to get a 130-day free second builder is to play the “invite-your-own-alt-account” game 21 times. It is helpful, sadly 130 days are nowhere near enough to get everything working in a decent fasion. I calculated that the way the base should operate at great efficiency would take approximately 300 days of double building time.

Newer players are key to expanding the game (and customers accordingly) so it’s viable to lure them in with some cool free stuff. The fact that SG are running this game the way they are for the last several months show me that they don’t care about getting new players…which is scary.

Currently SG’s policy has been to reduce/remove free stuff however (look at this challenge event’s WE flask for example), so I don’t see them adding that as a free option - more likely at some point they will remove the “Invite a friend (errm, alt account)” feature.

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There is only 1 way to get free VIP.

Invite people to the game by creating an invite link from the game, and once they are reaching level 10.
They will also get free VIP when they are reaching level 5.

See more in the Inbox / Invite tab in the Game.


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