Possible to create less than 5 heroes war defense team

1.12 updaite. New balance for Ally War, for exmple: we cant put less when 5 Heroes in def.
Its not work. I can choose only 1 or 3 heroes in defense. What fixed?

Our whole alliance can set a defense team with 5 heroes. We don’t have any problems.

we havent any problem too. but ally war was closed coz ppl put 1 hero in def & not give any point to attackers. It was problem. & SG team sad they solved it. U put 5 heroes in def & i will get 30-40 point for crash you. if i put 1 hero in def you will get only 3-7 point. Its not good & clear

you are forced to set up a defense team with 5 heroes. Whats wrong about it?

I can not put 5 heroes in defense. After 1.12, it was just that it would be fixed. and all will put only 5 heroes in defense.
That’s why I asked: corrected points for defeating defective defenses? or not corrected?

@Fier can you post a screen with a war team set with less than 5 hero’s?

Looks like not possible this way…
You must edit your team to be able to participate in war…
So works as should be i.m.o.


here i put 3 heroes in def + Lyova made 3 tooheroes in def too

You think i cant take part in war if not make full defense?

Yes that is what I think will happen
Teams that do not have 5 hero’s will not be on the battlefield once war has started.


Aha… ok. Thank you.

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It’s not entirely clear in the patch notes, but I think you are only allowed to do this currently because you are still in the prep phase. I suspect once the war begins you will be disqualified and unable to participate.


that would be my guess as well.

I do think the in-game message isn’t very clear about that.

I do expect more than just a few people aren’t going to get this, and will be unwillingly disqualified. Get the popcorn. Some players are going to learn about the new rule the hard way.


I think so too. Tomorrow will appear topics about a “bug” in the game that exclude some players from the active phase of AW.

Message should clearly state what will happen in case a defense team remains incomplete.

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I was wondering about that too. One of my clan members still has only 3 heroes in his team. So how does this 5 hero rule get enforced? Does he get removed from the battlefield when the war starts? Should I tell him?

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I wish there was clarification on how this mandatory 5 hero rule works. Rather than disqualifying, would be better to have empty slots auto added with highest power hero available

Where exactly are you getting this “the whole alliance is removed from war”? If it’s something you randomly thought up, please stop…it’s freaking people out. There’s a third possiblity - SGG deletes the account of everyone in the alliance.

Is that possible? Sure. Likely? No.

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Ok, well randomly repeating insane chatter is how people work themselves up over nothing.


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